Monday, July 8, 2013

So when you log off Facebook for 18 months...

I accidentally logged onto Facebook the other day.  If you have 2 additional children next time I see you please don't be offended.  I had no idea.

I quit Facebook when I was in the duldrums of CPA exam studying.  No.Time.  Then something strange happened-I didn't miss it.  I didn't miss comparing my dull and boring life to everyone else and their Exciting! Facebook! Life!  But now I sort of miss knowing what is happening with people.  I've been slowing climbing back into social media (still no Facebook).  I'll never be crazy about it, but let's all be honest, it is helpful!

So while everyone was out getting married and having children that I know nothing about, I was getting my CPA License, 2 promotions, a puppy, turning 30 [dread], paying off STUPID student loans, and getting my coveted 3rd Generation 4Runner that I've wanted since 2004.  Busy much?

Actually, no.  I'm not that busy.  I'm boring.  I'm very routine.  Monday through Friday I do the same stuff.  I work a lot, spend a lot of time commuting, and haven't had sugar since March 31st (sorry, I just HAD to throw that in there because if you know me AT ALL, you know that i have had major sugar addictions in the past). I was running a ton, but then i started GAINING weight so i stopped running and started doing cross training.  I feel much better now.  I still drink too much coffee and not enough water, and I went grocery shopping for the 3rd time in our almost 7 year marriage a few weeks ago.  I seriously don't know how women plan meals.  If i was in charge of that we'd be eating out every night or a lot of cereal.  I don't do food.

I moved headquarter buildings and work at the downtown campus now.  I went to college downtown and its very funny to me how i ended up a few blocks from where i lived for so many years.  I love downtown, but let's be honest-  the crazies come out in the summer.  Who am i kidding, i work through lunch most days, i don't see the crazies!  My college roommate of 2 years works for the same company i do.  we meet every 8 weeks to status and it's hilariously fun for us.  I work in finance.  I wear suits (for crying out loud) most days.  Black, Navy, Brown, Grey.  I alternate.  Friday's are casual day.  I just scored 4 pairs of jeans, 4 sweaters, and 3 dolman tops at Gap for $88.  beat that.

I am almost finished watching all 9 seasons of Grey's Anatomy for the second time.  In another life I think I would have wanted to be a surgeon. 

My 4 year old boy has a canker sore on his tongue right now.  Trust me when i say he screams about it in 5 minute intervals throughout the day.  Teething?  you've got nothing on this.  I forgot about it tonight and accidentally brushed his teeth.

My 5 year old girl is into American Girls books.  Not the dolls, not the stores (thank you LORD),  but just the books.  I'm reading them to her since she can't read yet and it's a flashback to my 8 year old self.  Truthfully, kind of fun.

I'm going to try to blog more.  i really am.  even though i probably will never have anything to write about.  not enough pictures to post (the only camera i own is my iphone), and very wordy, unorganized posts (you're welcome).

Anyway, if you are still subscribed to this blog-  say Hi!