Friday, May 27, 2011

The best quote I've read in a while.

"When challenges come, we accept them, learn from them, chop and puree those damn lemons into something sweet and likewise, when the good and easy comes, we drink it in gulps knowing that, like hardships, it won't last forever."

From Kelle Hampton's latest blog post over at Enjoying the Small Things.

I love this. It acknowledges my state and perfectly sums up life.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Mike ran it in 2:55:58, a personal best.
Good enough for 25th place overall;
23rd Male;
7th in his age group.

You can read his review of it here.

Can I just say I am so proud?

Mike does 100% of his training outdoors and
we had the world's LONGEST, SNOWIEST winter this year.

Plus, I started work in January
(and worked a TON).

He moved to a new store March 1st.

Jamba Juice was also bought out on April 12th.

So needless to say he's had a lot on his plate.

I think he only did one "long run" of about 18 miles.


And he still got a PR. Geez.

I'm Proud.

Pics to come.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mama needs a time out.

Our New Family Member (a.k.a. Miss Joyce...our daycare lady), had the unfortunate luck of having a large kidney stone this week. She was getting it surgically removed today. This means that I have been taking a (very unfortunate) break from studying, to play Mom again.

(First of all, can I just say that this break from studying is a major blow. It's costing a few thousand dollars to take these exams and I am having a hard time accepting that studying isn't coming easy this week.)

Whew....I am so out of practice at this mom thing! Between the pushing (Lacey to Miles, and Miles' retaliation), the Mac and Cheese getting dumped on the floor (Miles), the taking of every.single.toy. out of the toy box (Lacey), and the constant hum of whining (both), crying (both), and "maaamaaa!!" (both). I am absolutely exhausted.

As I sip my FOURTH cup of coffee I can't help but think that:

I haven't exercised once.
I've raised my voice too many times.
Hid in my room quite often.
Tried going to Target yesterday and turned right around.

By the end of the day
I need to run these kids to exhaustion, but they are doing it to me!

It's amazing how these little rascals can take so much energy!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

My 4th Mother's Day.

Maybe my 5th, but to be honest I don't count the year Lacey was a baby in my tummy. At the very least I didn't take a Dove Bar at church that Sunday back in 2007.

My first Mother's Day I was alone with Lacey. I dressed her in this cute (dorky) striped pants, matching striped hat, and a onsie that said "my heart belongs to mommy." I loved that outfit, I think I kept it. Just couldn't part with it.

We had just moved to Seattle and Mike was only about 2 weeks into his new job and had to work that day. I remember sitting at home in our furniture-less condo, without a car (cause we had crashed it in Montana), and feeling supremely blessed.

Not much has changed. The blessed part that is.

Today I sat here, and thought what a privilege it is to be able to get them dressed in the morning, make them meals, have them sit with me, and play with them. All those things, those mundane everyday things, that sometimes get old, and sometimes drive me a little bit batty. I get to do them.

A little awestruck that Someone believed me capable of raising these 2 peanuts.

Yes, my heart is full. I am feeling supremely blessed.