Monday, June 20, 2011

Foggy Coffee-less brain

1) Wake up and drive to Starbucks to study. Turned on the wrong road. Had to turn around (result of no coffee).

2) Walking in the door of Starbucks, to realize I forgot my wallet at home. Crap. (result of no coffee).

3) Wait, I can use my phone to pay. Score.

4) Pay with my phone. Leave my keys at the counter. (result of no coffee).

5) Finishing my first cup, about to go get a refill. Now I think I can start to actually study.

I am a walking mess unless I get coffee flowing through my veins first thing in the morning!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Get a little uncomfortable....please?

You know, Mike and I get on these kicks. For example, watching adventure documentaries on's a bit strange, but it's like a drug. Can't get enough.

A while back we read "Into Thin Air" the popular book about the 1996 Everest Disaster. So when I saw that there was a documentary about it, made in 2008, we were excited to watch it. It was slightly slow moving, and a little bit too much string music in the background, but the fact that we had read the book and were putting faces and names of the survivors together, it was captivating.

The thing about the 1996 tragedy is that is probably could have been prevented. Of course after watching it, Mike and I were analyzing that fact. Suddenly, I found myself saying:

"Change only happens when you're uncomfortable. If you're never uncomfortable, you'll never change."

It's almost embarrassing that I find myself saying it, but hate living that. So often we complain about the job we have, or the fact that we are out of shape, or want to lose a few pounds. Maybe, someone wishes they had a different educational degree, or had a bigger savings account. But if you step back and look at your life, changing any of those things forces you to be uncomfortable. You have to work at it. You want to get in shape and run a race? Guess what, getting in shape sucks, it will make you uncomfortable. You want to go back to school? Guess what, going back to school, after you've done it once, sucks. You'll question yourself constantly. Finding a new, hopefully better job, will probably be stressful, and make you re-think everything, including you're competencies.

But who says that is bad? Who wants to sit at home and just...sit? Don't you want to be drinking from life? Trying new things? Making the uncomfortable become comfortable?

I do. It might still be painful, but at least its not boring.

I hate boring.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

june randoms

So June has not wrapped up, therefore every area of my life is still in balance. Throw a few other things on top and's fun. In a crazy, stressful, fun sort of way.

Weekly Randoms:

I've got a new hobby, and it's searching Craigslist for free things. I have found a lot of great things, but haven't actually gone to get anything. The other night though Mike and I went "alley cruising" and we found a sweet desk from this old couple that they had on their lawn for free. We have to refinish it, but it will be much better than the little fake-wood, Target number I currently use. I suppose I should just do one project at a time though, as to not be the person who starts everything and never finishes.

I'd say my second new hobby is reading biographies of popular companies. I read "It's Not About the Coffee" (Starbucks), "On Target" (Target Corp), currently have "Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs" (Apple), and that will be followed by "Onward" the new book by Howard Schultz (Starbucks), you've seen it at the register if you've stepped into a Starbucks in the last 3 months.

*and if you haven't been in a Starbucks in the last 3 months....I'm sorry. But I suppose since I am studying all the time, it makes sense that I am there every day.

Miles needs a haircut so, so bad. Lacey is growing up too fast, and acting way to much like a girl, and not like a toddler anymore. We were walking the other day and I said, Hey Lacey look at our shadows. She responds: Mom, we have shadows because the sun is out and it's behind us so it makes the shadow on the sidewalk. Ummm...seriously? Who told her that?

Anyway, life is good. A bit fragile between enjoying the adventure, and stressed out that everything is falling out from under us. Resting in the knowledge that God knows what he's doing and when the floor gets put back under our feet. We'll be in awe of how great everything worked out.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Crazy town June

June has just begun and I seriously can't wait for it to be over. We have so many things happening this month, it's absolute crazy town in our house.

Exciting things none-the-less.

But with change come stress, and lots of it. We are currently turned upside down, but hope to be back to being straightened out and standing the right way in a couple of weeks.

Couple our crazy town life with the fact that Mike's brother and his family are moving to Australia at the end of the month, so they will be visiting one last time, My birthday is July 4th, My first CPA exam (EEK) is July 6th and Mike's other brother is getting married July 8th...we're busy.

"The truth about security, is that there is no such thing as security" I read that quote the other day and couldn't agree more. It seems like as soon as things get comfortable and stable, life throws a curve ball. I'm making some lemonade.

I've been back at running a few times a week and it's helped me tremendously. On the days I don't run I usually do 30-day shred. I feel great.

I got my haircut yesterday. 3-4 Inches of dead ends are gone. Its a bit shorter than what I've been used to, but it looks and feels much better. I'm cool with that.

Until next time...