Wednesday, December 30, 2009

when to nix the nap?

Everyday around 1:00ish I give Lacey a sippy cup of water and into bed she goes. Nine days out of ten she is asleep within 10 minutes. I generally wake her up at 3:00.

But she won't sleep at night. We've tried pushing back her bedtime, having a longer wind-down routine, waking her up earlier from her naps etc. Nothing seems to work. She generally goes to bed around 8:30 but doesn't fall asleep until sometime between 9:30 and 10:00.

Of course she is sleeping in longer than she used to as well.

I'm not sure what to do. The only thing we haven't tried is cutting out her nap all together. But I love double nap time. Plus, she falls asleep so easily it's easy to presume that she still needs the nap.

She's barely two. She still needs a nap.

Definitely open to suggestions.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

up and down

On the upside:

A friend had a baby boy last Monday!

Also, last Monday, a friend of mine found out that her baby, due in May, is a sweet little boy!

On the downside:

I found out Thursday that my friend had a miscarriage.

I also found out on Thursday that my friends' 2 1/2 year old little girl was diagnosed with Autism.

The week started out great, but ended a little roughly. Please pray for those families.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

An eventful Christmas it was!

We've had quite the last 3 days. Unless you're buried under a blanket, you're probably well aware that the upper midwest got blasted with snow. Lots and lots of snow!!

Let's start at Tuesday. Mike came home from work a little early as we were planning on opening our gifts that night. Ideally I do not like to open presents on December 22nd, but we were traveling over the holiday and decided to open them before we hit the road.

Santa delivered this year. Lacey got way to many things. The kitchen and all of its accessories (which were a lot...), families and furniture sets for her Calico Critters doll house, an activity table with crayons, chalk, colored pencils, and water colors, movies, clothes, toys. You get the idea. (I've already sworn that next year she is getting less). Miles was given cars, trucks, books, clothes etc. The activity table is technically for both of them but he doesn't get to use it quite yet.

I am now the proud new owner of a new down North Face jacket, an iphone (which I had NO idea about), hats, gloves, slippers, books, and socks. Jacket, hat, gloves. Do you know what I really needed? I've been miserable the last month because I haven't had a decent thing to wear in the cold! Mike was loaded up with tools from my parents, which is always appreciated, and loads and loads of running attire and new shoes.

So we headed out on the 23rd just as the snow was starting to fall. Ever since the big accident of 2008, during our move to Washington, driving in snow has made Mike and I nervous. The snow wasn't supposed to start until 8 pm though so thankfully we made it out of the city, before traffic, and home to Fargo before anything hit. It started snowing about 15 minutes after we got home. My brother, sister in law, and niece came over that evening. My niece had a cold.

And so on the morning of the 24th, Lacey woke up with a monster cold. We also woke up to 3-4 inches, which in ND/MN is nothing at all. We had a nice Christmas eve and wondered if the lightly falling snow would ever really pick up like they were predicting.

It Did.

We woke up Christmas morning to drifts higher than my 2 year old. I should probably put in here that I don't like snow. I don't mind 2 inches of snow. I do mind 12 inches of snow.
And it was still snowing. My dad's snow plow was used twice that day and my poor brother had to go out and plow (something he does on the side) at 3 a.m. to start clearing roads/parking lots.

Meanwhile we were homebound. Drank coffee and played games, and ate sugar. And it kept snowing.

Mike had to work today (the 26th), so we had to make it back somehow. Putting the kids in the car when it is a) still snowing; b) still dark; and c) closed interstates throughout the state of ND; make us a little nervous. We were headed into MN so the interstate was open, but we didn't see one single car until over an hour into our trip. It was weird. The roads weren't good, but they were drivable. We went pretty slow, but the sick kids did pretty well, probably because they were sick and just wanted to sleep. We got home late but made it safe and sound. Now, I just wish that this snow would melt, but heading into January and February I'm not holding my breath.

All in all we had over 18 inches of snow! Did you know they will fine you $500 if you don't have your sidewalks cleared within 24 hours of the end of the snowfall? I thought that was funny, and certainly practical.

Now, I am ready for a warm vacation, but work and school will have to do.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

a DIY Christmas present for a little girl


We actually did what we set out to do.

We built Lacey a kitchen for Christmas.

So, the picture it a little blurry because I took it on my phone, but you get the idea. My dad helped us with the actual building of the kitchen because we own nothing in the way of tools.

He built the shell, we accessorized.

My favorite thing is the faucet. Pottery Barn Kids was nice enough to give us one of their extra faucets. Bless their hearts. It's tough work finding a child's size faucet.

So now we are going to load up the shelves and the fridge and let her get cooking!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It's been so cold around here. The "I want to start crying when I go outside, but I don't cry because the tears will freeze to my cheeks" cold. Ick. I am already so over it. The high today is 5.

I finished school last week. I was ready for 4 solid weeks off. Or so I thought. I got the following email this morning.:

"A partial syllabus outlining the chapters and practice questions and problems has been posted on Blackboard.

The first class assignment is indicated.

A more complete syllabus with the exact timing of class meetings and content and tests will be posted by the time class meets in January."

So much for a break. I got 6 days where I didn't think about school (much).
Those who know me, know that I have been a long time country music fan. Yesterday my husband downloaded his first country CD to itunes and downloaded it to his ipod. I was so proud.

Jason Aldeen if you're interested.
I somehow swung getting Christmas off. (Yes, the coffee shop is open on Christmas). We are going to my parents house. I can't wait.
We've moved Miles into double pajamas at night. I'm serious when I say it's cold.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

the big 1-0.

10 months that is!

Okay, so technically, Miles isn't 10 months until tomorrow, but I am working a long shift and then spending time with my husband and kids. So today we'll just pretend.
Weight: 23 pounds
Height: 30.5 inches
Teeth: 4. 2 top, 2 bottom
Sleep: 11-12 hours at night. 1 short nap in the morning and 1 long afternoon nap.
Food: I'll have what you're having. Loves to eat, but is weaning himself off baby food. Loves Lacey's food more. Will seriously eat anything except for Earth's Best Vegetable Beef Pilaf (and I don't blame him).
Favorite thing to do: watch people outside, and crawl around the house after mom and pull up on her when she stops moving.
New Skills: (in the past month)
-Moves from his stomach to sitting.
-Pulling up to a stand.
-Sitting down from a stand.
-Slowly starting to "cruise."
-Points to the sky when you ask him where the airplane is at.
-Points to the lights.
-Says "mama"
-Says "uh-oh" (it's the cutest thing, its more like eeeee oh).
-Drinks from a sippy cup!
-Can sign for 'milk.'

We love our little munchkin!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


done, done, done, done, done.

I can hardly believe it. After 3.5 months of always (and I mean always), having something to do (i.e. school). I am done.

Okay, so it's only for 3 weeks but I will take what I can get.

It's been a sacrifice for everyone. We do a lot of "hi-byes". On a typical day I work in the morning, Mike leaves for work the moment I get home, I study during naptime, play with them in the evening, put the kids to bed and study when they are asleep. Generally Mike would get home around 10. I'll hang out with him for a half hour or so, and then stay up and study until midnight. Go to bed. Repeat. Obviously I don't work everyday, so when I don't work I try to find motivation to leave shortly after he gets home. It's the type of schedule that isn't a ball of fun.

When you have to plan out time to hang out with your husband, it's easy to wonder what happened.

But we do it, and we don't complain (too much), and try to stay focused on the goal. I still have a 4.0, and I am set to graduate in one year.

Now, to take the GMAT and apply to Grad school, or not? That is the question.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

let it snow. let it snow. let it snow.

Yesterday afternoon.

This morning.*

We are home-bound for the second day in a row. The kids have been out once in the past 4 days. But, we aren't really home-bound. The roads are plowed and absolutely nothing in the city is even close to being closed, however, going out with 2 kids when the temp is barely above zero, isn't something I feel like doing.

With highs barely reaching 10 this week, we might be staying in many more than 4 days.

At least we'll have a white Christmas.

*Taken from my phone, sorry for the bad quality.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New pics of the kids!

About 2 weeks ago, my friend Seanna came up to Minneapolis and took some pictures of Lacey and Miles. She is extremely talented and here are some of the shots!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

busy much?

i haven't written a post in forever. finals are here and i have certainly hit survival mode. Just need to make it to December 11th!

So, everyone is busy around the holiday's. I get it. But, then I say this on my desk and had to laugh.

My accounting homework, that Lacey scribbled on, and please take the time to notice the "Pay Car Insurance" note at the top.

Apparently I haven't heard of calendar reminders, or post-its. But hey, whatever works. That car insurance is due today, and I am off to pay it right now!