Friday, May 28, 2010

a week without the kiddos

Sometimes I feel like I am constantly saying, "my parents are taking the kids next week." Yes! I do understand how good I have it. Since they are more than willing, and since I do enjoy having a break and some time to actually think about myself, I take them up on the offer!

Plus, I realized the other day that it will seem totally normal for me to take my own grandkids for the week someday. Something I am sure both of my kids will appreciate.

So, what do I DO when they are gone. Well, plainly, I do whatever I want. But I suppose not really. Monday we drove home in the morning, Mike went to work, and I studied all day. Tuesday I went to the dentist and had my teeth cleaned, which turned into having my teeth cleaned, a filling, and a root canal. Then I went grocery shopping, picked up Mike from work and went to FPU. Wednesday I sat in our house from 8:00 until 3:00 doing homework. I barely moved from the couch. Thursday, Mike had the day off so we went shopping, and out to eat. We had been saving up clothes money and saving up restaurant money. It was so fun just to be able to say "I want that" and we could get it. Today, Friday, I did more homework this morning and then I decided to head to the mall and see if I could spend any more of that clothes budget. No, I could not find anything to buy, but I did decide that if I ever have a lot of money I will be be hiring a personal shopper stat. I hate shopping I've decided. I never thought I would say that, but I think I am too indecisive and just want someone to make the decisions for me. I did however find out that H & M's girls' jeans fit me quite well. Embarrassing? YES. What 26 year old wears girls jeans (size 12 none the less). The worst part is, Lacey and I could dress alike now. I'm sure she'll love sharing clothes with me in a few years : (

There are still a lot of things that I don't do when the kids are gone. Things I have promised myself I will do. There are still a handful of books sitting on the night table that haven't been opened. The bathroom floor still hasn't been scrubbed, cupboards and closets haven't been organized, and I certainly haven't taken the time to work on my resume and cover letter.


Maybe some things will just never get done. I'll be reunited with my offspring tomorrow, so until then, maybe I should spend the afternoon getting something done.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

15 months

27.6 pounds.

33 inches tall.

7 teeth.

really, really, really, scared of the doctor.

walking, talking, climbing, loves bugs, trucks, and planes.

a total boy.

a total mama's boy.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Some Running Rules (to maybe live by)

I am making these up right here on the spot. If they really suck, then I am sorry...

1) When you accomplish something, you should go on a run:

Yesterday, I found out I got an "A" on my first Cost Accounting test, I posted 5 million things to Craigslist (more like 5), sold 2 things and made $115. It was a good day. I went for a run, it was a good run.

2) Run during a high traffic time (unless you are running in an area where that would be too dangerous).

I always run around 4:30 pm, after Mike gets home. Do you know how motivating it is to pass cars waiting in forever long lines at stoplights? I love it! Do you know how motivating it is to climb up a really big hill and have cars watching you? I love it even more. Do you know how motivating it is to keep running when you feel like your insides are burning up, but all the cars are watching you? I don't love that, but it works!

Traffic is good.

3) If you see someone ahead, try to pass them (unless they are a freakin' machine).

This is hard, but good for you. I'd say the first rule of passing another runner is to increase your pace just a little bit. Please don't sprint by them! How embarrassing to pass someone and then have them pass you again because you spent everything you had trying to pass them. Instead, just increase your pace a little bit and get in the grove. Then when you pass them you can kick it into high gear. I blew by someone on my run yesterday.

4) You should always finish your run nearly dying.

People probably won't totally agree with me on this one, but I think that you need to either finish your run with a sprint that nearly kills you, or you need to finish your run chanting "just one more step" to yourself. Because anything in between isn't going to get you going faster or longer. My 2 cents. I tend to pass out in my grass on a regular basis.

Happy Running!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cost Accounting


i can't stand cost accounting. have i mentioned this before? yes, yes, i think i have.

maybe cost accounting could be okay, but at the very least i hate the textbook we are using, and the professor isn't all that great. she's nice, but scattered.

6 more weeks.