Thursday, October 30, 2008

I miss the midwest.

It's been a little rough lately, I miss the familiarity of Minneapolis. I talk to friends on the phone, email, facebook, whatever, and it makes me miss it all the more.

I miss Caribou Coffee's seasonal drinks.

I miss the Galleria/Southdale Mall/Running around Calhoun and Harriet/Going to Whole Foods for "lunch"

I miss Super Target (oh, I really miss super target).

I am already missing the Hollidazzle Parade.

I miss being able to call up a friend and go to their house.

I miss being able to drive a few hours to my parents house.

I miss shows being on Central time rather than Eastern/Pacific time. (everything is on an hour later here...grrr.)

I miss seeing my husband more than a few hours a week.

Mike assures me that by the time Lacey starts school we will be living in the midwest. Actually, we both think it will be sooner than that. It's not that we hate it here, it's totally fine and we are making friends etc, but the culture is just so different. The schools are some of the worst in the nation, and it is beyond expensive to raise a family (I mean a box of cereal is $6.99). I think that while things have been good, we always looked at this move as a "temporary" separation. It was not necessary to move, rather it was more an adventure. We wanted to step out of that comfort zone a little bit and see what we were made of. While we are out here we are gaining experience and learning a lot about ourselves. But, we both know that while this is the place to be right now, it probably isn't the place we are going to be forever. That actually makes me enjoy my time out here more!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

12 month stats

ok, well, really almost 13 month stats.

Lacey had her 12 month appointment today. She did well, but it was the first time she was leary of the doctor, which was very interesting.

She is 30 inches long.

Weight is 21 lbs 11 oz.

She got the flu shot and that was it for vaccines. I was on the fence about even giving her that one because she stays at home with me, and if she were to get the flu its not the end of the world. But with me being pregnant and then having a newborn in the middle of flu season I felt okay getting it.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Appointment Update

Heartrate: 148

Measuring: 24 weeks

Weight gained in the last month: 1

Weight gained total: 13

I had my gestational diabetes test today (puke), but it went fine.

Started scheduling appointments for every 2 weeks (scary), after my appointment on 11/24.

Lacey met a 2 year old girl in the waiting room and loved playing. She will make friends easily.

That's all. Happy to report everything is very typical.

PS. Lacey got TWO teeth suddenly this week. Her other bottom one and one of her top ones. No real fussing. She also dropped to one nap. That was sudden as well.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

pregnancy brain

For a long time (well, since last monday) I have been looking forward to my hospital tour of the maternity ward on Friday. Apparently this is one of the premiere hospitals in Washington, it is 5 miles from my house, has jacuzzi tubs in, and has the most plush rooms you can image, which include a little kitchenette, a tv, dvd player, wireless internet etc. In fact, that is how I picked this hospital, (and as a result my doctor). I went online to the hospitals that were closest to my house and found the ones with the nicest rooms. That is where i was going to have my baby. This time I am not going to be in a hospital that has the maternity ward under construction. I am not going to deliver on the 4th floor, have my recovery room on the 7th floor, and have the baby nursery all the way back on the 4th floor. Nope, not happening.

Anyway, I was so excited, except I have heard a tiny little rumor that this hospital has NO BABY NURSERY, so my dreams of Mike taking Lacey home so she can sleep, and me sending this baby to the nursery, while I get 2 full nights of sleep may not be a reality. But how does a hospital NOT have a nursery to send your baby to? You see, I needed to go to this tour to find out. Yesterday came and went and....

I completely forgot about the tour. I went to Panera and Starbucks instead.


Thursday, October 23, 2008


only 17 to go!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Don't try to take this away from her.

If you think I am getting this back, then you are very wrong.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

it all goes down a little easier with TUMS.

Actually, I think even Tums give me heartburn.

Anyway, I think I will be asking, no begging, for a prescription for something a little stronger at my appointment next week. When you don't remember what it is like to not have a burning sensation in your chest something might be wrong. This baby better come out with more hair than Lacey currently has.

I will also be taking up the doctor on her offer for weekly "prescribed" pregnancy massage. My back isn't handling carrying around a 20-something pound human being. Massage, could it get any better than that? It's my last pregnancy, better milk it for all its worth.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

my house is a mess. blech.

really, I have zero motivation for cleaning it, because in the past 9 days my husband has worked 100 hours. i haven't seen him much because when he comes home he is so wiped that I don't get much help. Believe me, the last thing he wants to do coming home is help me clean. Ironically he still goes on 14 mile runs, but the marathon is in a little over a month so what do you do?

Do you know what is really sad? I ask Lacey "Where is dad?" She waves and says bye bye.

He finally has tomorrow and monday off (hooray!) so I am so willingly going to neglect the computer....and maybe i will clean today to help the day go faster...

I think life will get back to normal after that. Fingers Crossed!

Friday, October 17, 2008

and I thought pregnancy was long.

I have a friend who is pregnant with her second. She had her first a few weeks before Lacey was born and now she is having her second a few weeks after our second arrives. Too bad she lives in MN.

Anyway, she went in for her anatomy u/s yesterday. Her due date is somewhere around March 20th, which would put her at about 18 weeks. Well, THEY MOVED HER DUE DATE TO APRIL 17TH.

I would have died. Couldn't do the anatomy scan since the baby was only 14 weeks (apparently).

The oddest thing is that she felt little movements around 12 weeks (or 8 weeks according to the u/s). Well you can't feel movement at 8 weeks, I think the baby is only the size of a lima bean then, and trust me, a lima bean ain't kicking you.

Poor thing. She is baffled. Says it is impossible because she knows when she got pregnant.

i've never heard of anything like that.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

more construction

they jackhammered outside our window today. this morning actually.

according to the city rules, they are only allowed to work from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

I kid you not, I looked at my watch when the noise was 7:01 a.m.


As I write this a car alarm is going off.

Can I please move to a neighborhood?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Not Me Monday

I'm trying it out. I hope I can keep it going, although I often forget Mondays!

First, I certainly do not snooze my alarm twice every single day, even if I know that L is awake. I most certainly do not stumble in her room take her out of the crib, feed her the same breakfast and leave her in her pajamas until after her next nap. No, i would never do that.

I did not have a baby turn one last week, and time is not going fast at all.

L did not take steps on her own, she is much to unstable on her feet for that!

L also did not pee in the potty for 3 days straight. I would never try to potty train a 12 month old.

I do not get heartburn after everything I eat, this baby who does not make me get up 3 times a night to pee and this baby who does not kick me every day would never give me heartburn.

My husband and I did not order one sandwich from Jimmy Johns and make the poor driver deliver that one sandwich to our house.

I did not make mini blueberry muffins and eat almost all of them, in one day.

I did not leave a $1.25 tip at TGIFridays for our appetizers. I did not want to keep my $5 bill for Dairy Queen later.

I am not obsessed with The Hills and I have no plans of staying up until 10:00 to watch it. Never. Why would I care what LC is doing?

Finally, I did not buy a pair of pants at Gap Kids for myself when I am 22 weeks pregnant. Are you kidding!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

and she is ONE!!

We had a great day. Went to the zoo and then later had a little birthday party. I'll post more details later, but thought I would share some pics of the day.

First of all, the zoo. It was FREEZING. The sun was out but there were so many trees that the sun couldn't get through them to heat me up. (All this after returning my drink to Starbucks TWICE because I wanted it extra i could walk around with it...I am not sure how hard it is to understand "heat it to 180").

Then we had a little party, Lacey didn't really eat cake, but liked making a mess of it! She liked the cake part, but not the lemon filling and she didn't like the frosting. She got a few gifts that she was thrilled about and loves, loves, loves her PBK Anywhere Chair.

Oh and she took about 5 steps by herself yesterday!! I can't say that I have a walker, but I do have an Almost-Walker : )

Saturday, October 4, 2008

prayin' for daylight

These are the images from outside my bedroom window (Lacey's too). Notice the Taco truck in the last picture. Yeah it comes by everyday at 11:00 and all the guys run for it....

Anyway, its really annoying. Not only am I constantly dealing with dusty dirty windows and a dirty patio, but we are constantly dealing with the noise. That noise was brought to a whole new level last night...

Mike was closing the store so I was home alone. Around 6:30 I saw the construction workers putting up huge flood lights. The was a little weird to me because they normally leave at 3:00 everyday (Thank the Lord!). Anyway, so they are putting them up and then are working on something. It gets dark pretty early now, plus it was cloudy so I figured they are probably needing to work until 8:00 or 9:00.

I put Lacey to bed at 8:00. At 8:30 they started drilling with a JACKHAMMER. It was loud, but I went in and started Lacey's CD again and they were done about 10 minutes later. I did however call the non-emergency police number to see if someone could go get them to stop. The police called me back and said there was nothing they could do because they had obtained a permit from the city to work past 7 p.m. Great. I figured they would be working all until 11 p.m. or so.


Well at 1:00 a.m. mike had had enough and called the police back because ummm...its 1:00 IN THE MORNING. Cop says they had someone go check it out and they can't do anything about it. grrr. Then at 1;30 they start using the Jackhammer BELOW LACEY'S WINDOW. I kid you not, our house was vibrating. I was pissed. I hadn't slept yet and now my child woke up screaming. I called the cop a THIRD time, you know the "i've had it, i have a baby and i am pregnant and no one in our vibrating condo is sleeping" call? "i;m sorry ma'am, there is nothing I can do. Good Luck." I wanted to kill.

They jackhammered for 2 solid hours. From 1:30-3:30 our house was rumbling. We brought Lacey in bed with us, and turned itunes on repeat. She did not sleep, but she just laid there and wanted to sleep. She actually did well. Then when they stopped running the jackhammer they started vacuuming/sucking up something with a VERY LARGE, VERY LOUD vacuum. Obviously right below our window.

Time they stopped with the loudness?

5:00 a.m.

Someone is getting a call on monday...that is absolutely unacceptable to me!

Oh, i should add. When Mike was headed to work at 6:00 this morning (after his glorious hour of sleep), he went out the door right where they were working. Here is their conversation:

Worker: did you get much sleep last night?
Mike: no, that window right there is actually my bedroom.
W: oh, man, sorry that sucks.
M: yeah, well we have a baby who didn't sleep last night. That is what was the worst.
W: Oh, yeah.... (you so dont get this until you have stayed up all night with a child!)
W: One lady came out and yelled at us from her patio
M: yeah that was my wife...

I swear I am not crazy.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Mother Warriors

I cannot wait to read this book. There is already 45 holds on it at my local library....

I guess I am going to have to make the purchase. It looks so good.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

rounding the corner to toddlerhood.

She won't be my baby much longer.

Lacey turns one in less than a week.