Wednesday, November 25, 2009


In honor of November 26, here are 26 simple things I am thankful for.

1. My husband
2. My little boy and my little girl.
3. That the temperatures are still tolerable.
4. Christmas break.
5. A part time job.
6. Parents who bend over backwards for our family.
7. Paying off the car this month.
8. Sales at Pottery Barn Kids.
9. The oatmeal, cherry, white chocolate chip cookies that Mike made last night.
10. Good Earth tea
11. Country music. Specifically Carrie Underwood and Lady Antebellum
12. Wearing jeans to work.
13. A 4.0 GPA
14. The activity table that we found in the dumpster for Lacey (!!)
15. Hot showers.
16. No credit card debt.
17. Friends
18. Flannel sheets
19. Leggings!
20. Dishwashers that clean dishes til they shine!
21. Early bedtimes!
22. Coffee first thing in the a.m.
23. The internet.
24. Granite countertops
25. Stores like Trader Joe's and Super Target
26. That this past year, although very crazy and quite unsettled, we are all safe, happy, healthy, and stronger than ever!

Monday, November 23, 2009

30 day shred.

Because P90X is not a realistic option.

Since I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've exercised with my duo in the past 9 months, I decided I should do something about it.

Since I've found my motivation while we are on the cusp of ridiculously cold temperatures, I've decided that something indoors was probably the most realistic option. I really, really wanted to try P90X. Mike was planning on getting it for me for Christmas. But let's be realistic:

1) You have to be committed for 90 DAYS.
2) It costs upward of $150
3) My understanding is that it is an hour a day.

I don't think I could stay committed for 3 months, especially working out an hour a day. Gimme a break.

And I can for sure, find something to buy for $150 (like a new winter coat or some merrell boots). Winter is coming people.

So then I heard about the 30 Day Shred. 30 days seems a lot more doable than 90, and at $14.99 it's a lot more affordable. Oh, and did I mention that its 20 minutes a day? I can do that.

So I bought it and tried it yesterday. I did level one. I found it pretty simple, wasn't dying, but I am a tiny bit sore in my triceps. It reminds me of the conditioning I did during my 12 year gymnastics career. I'll probably do level 1 for a couple more days and then bump up to level two.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

9 months

my [not so little] boy had his 9 month well baby check today...

He weighed in at a whopping 22 pounds 8 oz!

He measured 30.5 inches! That's an inch a month since he was born.

He got a Hib vacciene, but that's not really important since he was supposed to get that 2 months ago, but they were out.

At 9 months Miles is crawling, and has been for over a month.

He is pulling up. He is not cruising around furniture though...he doesn't quite get the whole 'i am 9 months old and don't know how to balance' thing. He just let's go (and falls).

He is sleeping 12 hours at night.

He has 4 teeth (2 bottom and 2 top, which just popped through).

4 bottles a day plus 3 meals.

This kid loves to eat (no kidding, note how big he is).

He's a talker/babbler. Points to lights, learning how to clap, dance, and sign 'all done' and 'milk'

Miles is a mama's boy and loves to cuddle (and I don't complain).

Finally, he is into EVERYTHING. Keeps us on our toes, and does a great job at playing with his big sister.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The hardest thing about being a parent.

Have you ever heard of 'newborn envy?'

When you no longer have a newborn in the house and you miss that stage.

Of course, when you actually have a newborn, you may have 'baby can sit up envy' or 'baby can walk envy' or the biggest one, 'baby sleeps through the night envy.' But I digress.

(Actually, I would like to point out here that I don't have newborn envy at the moment, I just got both kids sleeping through the night very, very consistently thankyouverymuch)!

I have a friend who is thinking about having kids in the next year. She asked me what the hardest part about having kids is. At first I thought she was joking. I don't know. But she was dead serious.

Umm..okay. I thought about it and my answer was different that what I expected. I think the general thing that I've heard parents say is something along the lines of being flexible, or realizing that your child is their own person, doing what is best for your family regardless of what others think, or want, you to do.

Those are all very true things.

But, for me, the hardest thing about being a parent is having them grow up. Think about it. When you are pregnant they count on you for everything. Literally every.single.thing. Then they are born and they still need you constantly. But slowly (or actually rather quickly) they need you less and less. Suddenly the world is very interesting and all at the same time you are their entire world, and you aren't. They start crawling, walking, playdates, pre-school, regular school, activities, etc. And then you want a newborn again because a newborn counts on you for everything. And that my friends is where newborn envy stems from.

Why do I know that this is my biggest challenge about being a parent?

Because this morning when Lacey saw a school bus, she told me she wanted to go to school, and I had tears falling down my cheeks.

Stay my baby girl a little longer.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

2 year well baby check

I suppose its called a well-child visit. But regardless, we had Lacey's 2 year check up today. I am only a month and some change late, not too shabby huh? (I am seriously so tired of bringing the kids in all.the.time. for random checks, nurse only shot visits etc.).

First, she has this fear of the doctor, so I was dreading having to bring both kids during Miles' naptime, but my husband didn't have to go to work until noon today so I got one on one time with Lacey. Nothing like using the doctor's office as our get away. We've been prepping Lacey for this visit since Sunday (mostly because I thought the appointment was on Monday, until I found my calendar at 9:00 pm Sunday night and realized the appointment wasn't until today...).

Things like telling her the doctor will look at her tummy, and her head, and her knees and toes and eyes and ears and mouth with a special baby light. She was golden. Did everything the doctor asked of her. She got the MMR shot as planned and she also got the H1N1 vaccine. I was very up in the air about H1N1, but ultimately I decided that if she were to get the swine flu I'd be kicking myself for not getting her vaccinated. I told myself that if they had it when I went there then I'd get it. (Same goes for Miles and his 9 month check is next week). She also got her finger poked and squeezed for a lead test and didn't shed a tear. She was more afraid of the band-aid than anything.

She refused to put on a pull-up to go to the doctor so we were in underwear for the entire drive there, the visit, and the drive home. She stayed dry. Hallelujah! While we were waiting I was having nightmares about her peeing on the cloth waiting room chair, thankfully that didn't happen.

She is 29 pounds and 35 inches.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I'm not really a fan. I've never been. Is there anyone out there who is also not a fan?

They always look goofy on my kids' feet. And I think they wear out terribly.

I've always bought Isabooties for my kiddos. They have a great non-slip sole, can be washed in the washing machine, and are much cuter. They also run big, which can be both a blessing and a curse. But alas, Miles has grown out of his 3-6 month Isabooties. I have to find some new, similar, shoes like now (because if you think pulling up on wood floors with just socks on is okay, then you must be crazy).

The only problem with Isabooties is that they are hard to find. Much harder to find than Robeez anyway.

So I am thinking of getting these, Simple Weebit Booties. They are so dang cute and cheaper than Isabooties AND Robeez.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

back in the swing of things...

sort of anyway.

do you know how much a 2 year old and a 9 month old can change in 9 days? i didn't. Lacey and Miles came back from Grandma and Grandpa's Saturday as new, smarter, stronger little ones.

Lacey- seriously has acquired an entire new vocabulary. she sure talks our ears off. she has also acquired a habit for not wanting to go to bed at night and "crying." which is really just the most obnoxious fake cry, but tends to make me go crazy and has woken her brother up...

she went potty at Mina and Papa's (lacey's terms, not mine), all week long. However, when my mom told her Friday night that she was coming to see me on Saturday she switched into baby mode and we've had quite a few accidents. We did however, venture to McDonalds with underwear on, she told me when she had to go and we successfully used the big potty. So not much is lost. We'll just have to stay home, pants free, for a few days and get this little regression out of our system.

Miles- is crawling with purpose. The wood floors make him slip, so he is army crawling. HE FLIES AROUND THE HOUSE, and eats everything on the floor. I don't care what anyone says, when then can both move independently, you don't stop. EVER. We have hit our 'hardest' stage yet.

so, kids are back, we are almost finished getting everything settled, and now I am starving and need to eat before they wake up!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Christmas shopping on a budget solved.

I have yet to meet a family on one income who has money at their disposal. Most families with young children and a SAHM are living on a shoestring budget. Of course we are one of them.

But really, when Christmas rolls around I still want to shower them in gifts! Thankfully they are still young and don't really even 'get' the whole Christmas thing. We take it easy while they don't know what's going on. It won't last forever. I read something the other day though that I thought was very helpful. I am not sure if it should be classified as 'Christmas shopping on a budget', because if you were really on a budget you might make your gifts, or only buy one gift, but here we go:

the article suggested you buy 5 gifts for your children:

1) Something they want
2) Something they need
3) Something to read
4) Something to wear
5) Something you want them to have

I'm not sure if I'll use this list or not, but I thought it was a great starting point, especially for families with young children. I want to think it helps avoid over-buying of plastic (obnoxious) toys.

Let me know your thoughts!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

are mom's mean? are they?

i'm in the middle of a kid-free week and i am enjoying every minute of it. I miss my kids like crazy, but I am living it up not having them here. I'm doing all sorts of crazy things like running errands, you know, without trying to fit them around naptimes, mealtimes, and meltdowns.

i've noticed something though. mom's are mean. let me re-state that. i've noticed that mom's with small children are not very kind or friendly to people who are running errands flying solo.

am I like this?? EEK. I hope not.

For example, today at Target, I nearly got knocked into with a shopping cart TWICE. Apparently, mom's think you should get out of the way, because they have kids and all. I was seriously given an exasperated sigh and a glare which translated to "get the heck out of my way, i have such a tough job with these kids and you are making it worse by being in MY way." Last I checked, I thought the polite thing to do was to both move, or give a nice excuse me. (it was one of those moments where you move slightly and assume that they too will move slightly, but they don't and then you practically get run over).

I had another experience while going into the bathroom stall today. I was going into the big stall, when I hear someone behind me. We had the following conversation:

HER: you're not a family.
ME: excuse me?
HER: your NOT a family, you shouldn't use that stall.
ME: oh, did you want to use it?
HER: well, we were going to!
ME: well you can use it if you want to.
HER: you don't have kids, you shouldn't go in that stall (exasperated as she goes in to a small stall with her daughter).
ME: Well, next time, ask for the stall if you want it, rather than make a snide remark to me in front of your daughter. (yes I was pissed).


So anyway, i know that I have been the crabby, exasperated mom who is jealous of all those kid free people hopping in and out of cars like it is no big deal. It's weird seeing it from the other side of the fence and I vow to try my hardest to not be that type of mom.

and seriously, if you hate staying with your kids then don't. and at the very least don't act like a child in front of them. they see everything you do.

Monday, November 2, 2009

what we've been up to since we have not had the internet

we haven't had the internet while we were moving.

Thursday, we moved. In the dark and in the rain. Sound fun? It was fine actually. We finished unloading the truck around 10 pm so mike and I returned the truck and went out for wings at Green Mill. Yum!

Woke up Friday and went over the the apartment to finish cleaning. We were supposed to check out at noon and were doing a mad scramble to get everything cleaned. 12:15 comes and the apartment manager still wasn't there, so we gave her a call. She forgot. grrr. So we didn't check out until 1. Then we came home and moved all of our boxes that were in the garage into the house. that took 2 hours and was exhausting.

That night, since we still hadn't eaten anything, we went to Burger Jones. It was amazing. We will frequent that establishment again soon!

Saturday I had class from 8-5 and Mike worked from 8-5. We met up with some friends we haven't seen in forever that evening. (forever, like Lacey was 6 weeks old last time we saw them).

Sunday morning I had to work, and then we spent the rest of the day turning trash into treasure (pics to come). We worked on some home improvement projects and put on our creative hats. You know, something that you can't do with kids around.

And now we finally have internet so I am back up and running, doing homework and catching up. I'll try to post pics of the new place as soon as I can. I love it!