Wednesday, March 31, 2010

see ya March!

...did you know that this is the FIRST March in Minneapolis recorded history that there hasn't been any snow? We came in like a lamb, and out like an extra soft lamb. (Read: 75 degrees outside today...).

...I accomplished my running goal for March, which was all of 4 days. But in reality, once a week was about all I could muster with my crazy classes. I finished my last run yesterday and am running about 3 miles per run. I listen to pandora when I run. It keeps me happy. April's goal? 8 days!

...I finished my classes on March 27th! I remember when I started them in January, thinking how long it seemed until March (and how I wasn't sure I would survive), but then guess what? I made it! And now I am in a break for a few weeks and guess what, it's naptime and the kids are sleeping and I can do anything I want. I might just take a nap along with them today. Talk about freedom.

...March marked another month down of Financial Peace University. We are starting to live like no one else now, so later we can really live like no one else. Telling our money where to go feels great! In fact, I was able to pay 6 months of car insurance in full yesterday! This hasn't happened in forever! We feel like this is a huge accomplishment.

...Today on the last day of March, Miles said "Lacey" for the first time. It sounds a bit like "kee-cee" but it's still cute. He seems to average at least one new word a day (yesterday's word was "apple" and "pineapple"--i counted it as one), which seems like a lot to me. What he is lacking in the walking department he is making up in the talking department. I can't help it if he is a boy genius. I mean, he'll probably be a runner too, but for now he's focusing on the genius part! (FTR he is walking...sort of. If I place him in the middle of the room, he tends to walk as fast as he can to something he can hold on to).

That was our March! Bring on April!

Friday, March 26, 2010

To Do: updated

1) Finish Macroeconomics homework. Due this Sunday.
2) Finish Paper on IFRS/GAAP Accounting for Leases. Due March 27th.
3) Study for final in Macroeconomics.
4) Read Chapter 23 on Statement of Cash Flows for Int. Accounting.
5) Work Homework problems for Chapters 21,22,23 for Int. Accounting.
6) Study for Final in Accounting.

Anything in bold I've accomplished.

Unfortunately, tonight, on the eve of my accounting final, I have to work until 10:30 p.m. Boo. Either I will a) be up super late; b) wake up super early; or c) both a and b

3 more days and this will be over (and it is supposed to be 69 degrees next Tuesday and Wednesday and I will NOT have any homework to do!!)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

things that are annoying me today.

(thanks in advance for letting me vent).

...the fact that our health insurance requires that we carry vision and dental for Lacey and Miles, despite the fact that they have never been to the dentist or the eye doctor.

...the fact that it is sunny outside, but chilly. I want sunny and warm.

...the fact that I have a pile of laundry that is folded and sitting on the bench in the living room and for some reason can't find the motivation to put it away. It's been there since Monday...

...the fact that both kids have colds again.

...the fact that Lacey won't eat anything lately.

...the fact that I am in love with almost everything in the pottery barn kids catalog, but won't be buying any of it.

...the fact that I am utterly exhausted and have been trying really hard to get to bed at a decent time this week. If 8 hours isn't enough sleep than what is?

...the fact that I cannot seem to understand reconciling cash to net income in the statement of cash flows and my test is only a couple of days away.

...the fact that I don't seem to really care to understand reconciling cash to net income...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


or not.

You think that since I work at a coffee shop AND get free coffee, I would never run out. Not true.

I had no coffee this morning. I had 2 cups of black tea and 2 ibprofen instead.

working? Not so much.

I *think* the husband has some Stbux VIA around here somewhere but I cannot seem to find it. I can't get a hold of him either. Right now VIA would be like gold. Liquid gold.

Dying over here in the not-so-frozen-anymore tundra!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

To Do:

1) Finish Macroeconomics homework. Due this Sunday.
2) Finish Paper on IFRS/GAAP Accounting for Leases. Due March 27th.
3) Study for final in Macroeconomics.
4) Read Chapter 23 on Statement of Cash Flows for Int. Accounting.
5) Work Homework problems for Chapters 21,22,23 for Int. Accounting.
6) Study for Final in Accounting.

Anything in bold I've accomplished.

ps. I received a 198/200 (99%) on my last exam.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Running in Minnesota in the Spring

1) We were blessed with rain (read: not snow) last week, and sunny warm (read: mid to upper 50's) temperatures this week. What does this mean? 99% of our snow is GONE, GONE, GONE.

2) What else does this mean? Well, this means that any Minnesotan who has ever had any interest in running, or is actually a runner, get's out to run around the lakes. We bare our ghostly white selves. It's actually quite scary (and bright).

3) Only in Minnesota can you have lakes that are still frozen over with ice, but people running in shorts and tee shirts. In fact, you will see people in shorts and tee shirts and flip flops all over the darn city with weather like this. It's quite funny, but we all love our first days of spring.

4) If a girl runner is wearing little shorts and a little tee shirt now, what on earth will she not be wearing come July when it's 90 outside? (FTR, I had pants and I long sleeve shirt on today).

5) Running with a stroller is hard work. Really hard work if a hill is involved.

6) Let's do the math...
Stroller: 25 pounds
Lacey: 29 pounds
Miles: 25 pounds
Stuff in the stroller basket: 2 pounds

Grand Total: 81 pounds
My Weight: 95 pounds

I am pushing 85% of my body weight! Those kids better not gain any more weight!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

See ya next Tuesday

This is what Mike said today as he was leaving for work...

Saturday: Annie class a.m. Mike work p.m.
Sunday: Annie work a.m. Mike work p.m.
Monday: Annie work a.m. Mike work p.m.


And I somehow managed to pull the opening shift tomorrow at work. So that means I have to be there at 6:00 a.m. (which is really 5:00 a.m.) and I have to wake up at 5:15 a.m. (which is really 4:15 a.m.) Thank you very much DST. I am super happy I managed to work it out like that!

And today I have a pounding headache. But my test went well.

Oh, and Miles is 13 months today and is STILL not walking. That little stinker. I think he knows how badly I want to quit carrying his 25 pounds around so he is dragging this out. He's taken maybe 2 steps. I did count the other day how many words he can communicate. Get this. FIFTEEN. Go Miles!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm trying to...


Teach my toddler that I can't hear her when she whines. Okay, maybe teach her that I won't listen when she whines.

Decide if I should dye my hair brown. I think the upkeep on the roots would be easier. Then again summer is coming so maybe I want blonde??

Figure out how to break the news to Mike that I will be studying all the live long day this Friday...also his day off.

Remember to bring my book to FPU tonight...

Cook and plan meals. NO EASY TASK.

Help Miles in the walking department! (He did say 3 new words today though...ball, car, baby).

Get the pictures off of my camera. They are from Christmas. Sigh...

Write a paper on Accounting for Leases GAAP vs. IFRS (yawn).

Friday, March 5, 2010


I seriously do not want to study.

I need to write a paper. I need to study for 3 tests. I need to complete one homework assignment.

I want to do none of those things.

Pray for me!

(And as my good friend, a fellow baby bunching mom, who survived putting her husband through law school and is now beginning a Master's of Nursing program says: "Let's be honest, it totally sucks, but hopefully in 5 years it will all be worth it, and I won't have regrets.")

Okay, Off to study : (

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Miles: 1 Year Well Baby visit

This morning Miles had his 1 year check. I loaded the kids and brought them over to the clinic. The clinic has just been remodeled and this is the first time I've seen the finished project. Nice and clean. Great!

His appointment was at 10:00 and at 10:20 we STILL hadn't gotten called back. And I was 10 minutes early! Do you know how seriously difficult it is to keep 2 kids entertained in a waiting room with absolutely ZERO entertainment for kids?? It's terrible. They pulled all their toys for flu season (???).

Finally we got called back. Got weight/height/temp checks with the nurse, and then waited yet ANOTHER 20 minutes to see the doctor. She came in at 10:57.

Sigh. Good thing I like her.


Weight: 25 Pounds (78th percentile)
Height: 31.5 inches (84th percentile)
Head: 19 inches (80th percentile)

Temp: 100.4
Ear Infection? Yes :( but I suspected this since he has had a cold since monday and had a fever yesterday and today. I think I am going to start taking them to the Chiro for adjustments to ward off these ear infections (but that will probably be another post)

Miles is waving, saying bye bye, clapping, playing patty cake, saying mama and dada, He also says: no, turtle, monkey (and makes the sound), and a few other words I can't think of right now. He is amazing at listening to and understanding what we say. He has had a language and communication explosion the past couple of weeks. It's so fun to see! I think since I was 24 weeks pregnant with him when Lacey was doing these things I don't remember them with her like I should. It's a shame.

Physically he is doing everything but walking. He crawls, pulls up, cruises, takes steps between pieces of furniture, and climbs up on couches and beds. For as much as he climbs I can't figure out why he is scared to let go and walk! It's the funniest thing! I want to tell him that climbing onto the couch and then choosing to climb off head first is much more daring than taking a few steps, but alas, he will not. Actually the doctor thinks that as soon as these ear infections clear up, he'll start walking, she said the fluid is probably throwing off his equilibrium. I hope she is right!

So that's it. That's my update on our littlest!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Financial Peace University

We've started FPU and all I can say is,
Seriously, this class is worth every penny. We've only been to 2 weeks and we can see how it is affecting our thoughts and views, and spending habits, with money.

1) Find the class in your area.
2) Take the class.
3) Be amazed.