Tuesday, June 29, 2010

currently reading

With school behind me for the summer I am hoping to chip away at that reading list that has been following me around like a lost puppy for the last 10 months. I am the type of person who will read 3 or 4 books at a time so here is what I am currently reading:

1) BLINK. Yes, I am still reading this. I got it for Christmas, along with The Tipping Point. I breezed through The Tipping Point during Christmas break and got started on this one. Then school started again and it got pushed aside. I just picked it up again last week. I think I have only a chapter or 2 left.

2) SLEEPLESS IN AMERICA. This was recommended to me by a few people and I FINALLY checked it out from the library and started reading it. It's about misbehavior and its associations with sleep. Now, to be fair, I am a sleep queen. My husband and I work our schedules around my kids' sleep, not the other way around. Sleep is high priority in this house, but I've also seen what lack of sleep can and will do, not only to my own kids but to others' as well. I decided it is time to read this book so I can (hopefully) start recommending it to others. I think I am going to like it!

3) STRONG FATHER'S STRONG DAUGHTERS. This is more for my husband, since he is obviously the father, but I thought I'd read it along with him. Haven't started it yet though!

4) STOP ACTING RICH. I am a Tom Stanley fan. He also is the author of The Millionaire Next Door and The Millionaire Mind, which are some common titles that you might have heard of. I hadn't read this one yet, but I started it yesterday and I am sure it is going to be a good one. It's an especially good read right now because my husband and I are about to get radical paying off debt (more to come on that soon)!

What are you reading this summer? If you've got any good books let me know!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Daycare Search

Oh my, oh my. Not an easy thing.

I posted on facebook that I had received a quote for $2707 for both kids. That was my most expensive quote. Was being the operative word. New pricey quote? $3,258. I seriously wonder what kind of house I could buy with that payment?

Or, who can seriously afford that? I surely can't on my entry level salary, assuming I am able to land a job that is. I have however noticed some interesting things.

1) I notice that some centers state that they have an infant waiting list of 1 year. So that means that if I am pregnant and planning on taking a 3 month maternity leave I would have to call them and get on the waiting list the day that little line turns pink. I think that is CRAZY. So happy I am not looking for infant care.

2) I've seen infant care run over $600 a week. I think they are just milking the new parent who is freaking out about leaving their child. That's $2400 a month for one child. Whoa.

3) Daycare on the North side is about 50% cheaper. But since I'd prefer my children do not get shot, I think we will pass.

4) Daycare in the 'burbs is also much cheaper than in the city. Why do we live in the city? Ugh, I don't know. Mike works in the suburbs, but he works in the most expensive one in the city so no help there.

5) I wish I had family in town to solve this problem.

to be continued...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

16 months plus 5 days

That's how far apart my kids are in age.

Yesterday Miles was 16 months plus 5 days. He was the age that Lacey was when I was lucky enough to have him become a part of our world.

Does he seem super young? No. Does it make me think I was crazy for having them close? No.

Would I want to do it again? No.

But it was perfect, just how it was.

Monday, June 7, 2010

random happenings

I've been a pretty lazy blogger lately.

Lacey, is 100,100,100 percent daytime trained. She's been day trained for a long time but I'd still put her in a pull up during sunday school at church or if I knew we'd be sitting in traffic, or if we were going to a park that didn't have bathrooms (which is pretty much all of them). But we stopped doing that about 3 weeks ago and she's done great. She maybe had one or two accidents in her car seat if we were stuck in traffic and she couldn't hold it, but over all its been great. One pull up a day. Only for bed at night.

I am NOT looking forward to potty training Miles.

Miles said his first 2 word "sentance" it was "more pears" which he immediately followed by "more miles" today he said "goldfish crackers" he's so cute.

Miles has also moved out of the crib and he has been only in his toddler bed for about a week now. No issues. That kids loves to sleep, and is out when he hits the pillow. I wasn't anticipating it being difficult. He loves his bed so much that sometimes during the day I find him laying in there reading a book. Again, he is so cute.

Lacey's imagination is developing at a crazy rate. She is so in to imaginative play and it is very fun to watch. I can't wait until they both just play and play and play together.

When I ask Lacey "who is your best friend?" She says "Miles is my best friend" When I ask Miles who his best friend is, he responds with "Lacey" sooo sweet and cute.

My letter only girl, can now count. She went from "1,2,8,9,2" to counting up to 15. Perfect every time. This happened during the week she was at my mom's. I don't know what grandma did!

I have one class left! (and a take home final). Then just one semester. I registered today. I am taking Auditing, Income Tax, and Finite Math. Almost done, almost done.

I am still running. I haven't updated the ticker. I think my june goal is 14 runs. I've done 3. It's tough to fit them in. At least tougher than I thought it would be.