Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day

Here is a recap of my past valentine's days, in case you are interested. We will begin in 2006.

Wishing Mike and I were engaged, but I knew he was too stubborn to do that on the biggest love crazed day of the year. He bought me 2 fleece jackets from REI...One was a North Face, the other was Columbia. Romantic huh? I actually have no idea what else we did, but I am assuming he made me some dinner, because I know we didn't go out to eat anywhere...

Married and Knocked up.
We were actually on our way to Hollywood with a couple of our friends. She got us plane tickets for $7.00 each.
We had to drive from Minneapolis to Chicago in the middle of the night to catch our flight. We ate Noodles & Co.
I didn't get a gift.

I have NO IDEA what we did last year.
Lacey was 4 months old.
I think we had friends over and we all hung out and cooked food together...Like a mini Iron Chef America.
Flowers (I think) and Starbucks of course.

I am 40 weeks pregnant.
I told him not to get me anything, unless its a visit to the hospital to have this baby.
I really don't want a Valentines baby though...

I guess what I am trying to say is that 1) my husband is SURE lucky that I am not into the whole Valentines thing and 2) We've had a whirlwind 4 years with babies, that I find myself wanting to get Lacey the cute stuffed puppy. Not my husband.

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