Tuesday, June 23, 2009

actually, it's pretty darn crazy...

how's the adjustment? I hate this question. let's see, i had my son, 24 hours later was home from the hospital and then 12 hours after that my husband was back at work 10 hours a day while I packed up everything we owned. I didn't have a set of extra hands that entire first week.

We moved across the country with a 10 day old, and a 16 month old. We moved in with friends, while we found a house to buy. Despite making multiple offers, we still haven't found a house. We are being observed and watched as we navigate life parenting 2 kids. My husband got a promotion and much greater responsibility. He drives an hour one way each day to work, working 10 hours before he comes home. He is gone 12 hours a day. My son was colicky and has some major reflux issues. We had to buy a second car, and I haven't slept through the night in months upon months (because we all know pregnant women don't sleep through the night either), I went back to school

so how's the adjustment been? well it has been hard. it is still hard. I am still being watched as I try to handle two kids with one set of hands. Miles still has reflux. I can still count on my hands the number of times Mike and I have been out by ourselves since Lacey was born. We still don't have a house, my husband is still gone 12 hours a day, Lacey is becoming a toddler and letting us know it.

but despite all that.

its good.

and i recommend everyone have kids. in fact, i recommend that everyone have more than one child if they can. i can't imagine a greater gift you can give your child than a sibling and despite the fact that its a lot of work it's amazing. and if you have more than one child, you probably get it. If you will have more than one child, just know that it will get better and its worth it.

and i can probably only say this because Miles is not a newborn anymore and he can entertain himself for a while at a time.

plus i get to pull out the exersaucer soon.



Rose said...

Nicely said. I hope that you find a wonderful house soon! Who are you staying with?

Annie said...

we are staying with friends that we went to college with. they have 2 bedrooms/bathroom in their lower level. it works, but we are crammed. she has a daughter who was born on october 23, so 2 weeks after lacey. that is a plus, because lacey stays busy while i tend to miles...