Tuesday, June 9, 2009

giving up

so i am giving up on that new blog. seemed too unorganized and since i post there once in a blue moon anyway i decided to get back to the basics and try to find the time to revive this little thing i try to call a blog...

first i haven't had much free time lately. the weather is nice, we've been outside a lot. i love it. can i also mention that I love having AC?? Do you remember my dreary last summer with melting heat and no AC? eww, it was terrible. ironically someone gave us a portable AC unit to sell this summer. but we don't really need it, however, i am too paranoid to get rid of it since i might move into an old house someday and then will want it..maybe?

speaking of houses, we have been looking high and low, but geez those short sales take a dang long time. i think we have decided to sign a 6 month rental lease and wait for the $8000 hype to pass, wait for spring/summer to end, and then the market will deaden up again and we'll move into a house in January when it is FREEZING and no one should be doing anything. hopefully we are the only ones with this idea.

plus, i am getting the itch to go back to work and put the kiddos in daycare, that would definitely affect our plans. we'll see how that goes with school, which by the way, i got the highest grade in my class...again :) (sorry, just a little self-bragging).

oh, and I've stopped cloth diapering. that's some interesting news. if you think i am going to do LOAD AFTER LOAD of laundry then you are sorely mistaken. I have already sold them all so there is no going back. I feel bad for all the waste we are creating but i'm less stressed and that is the good news.

overall i am still busy as ever. i just went to the bathroom today for the first time and it was 1:06. terrible I know. I am pretty sure that most mother's with 2 or more kids have more free time than i do, so I am wondering how they find time. if you have any tips let me know.


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Rose said...

I can't imagine how busy you must be! Wish we were playign outside with you! I have exhausted every rainy day resource and it's still raining. Next, starfall.com, hope it keeps him occupied!