Friday, May 7, 2010

Some Running Rules (to maybe live by)

I am making these up right here on the spot. If they really suck, then I am sorry...

1) When you accomplish something, you should go on a run:

Yesterday, I found out I got an "A" on my first Cost Accounting test, I posted 5 million things to Craigslist (more like 5), sold 2 things and made $115. It was a good day. I went for a run, it was a good run.

2) Run during a high traffic time (unless you are running in an area where that would be too dangerous).

I always run around 4:30 pm, after Mike gets home. Do you know how motivating it is to pass cars waiting in forever long lines at stoplights? I love it! Do you know how motivating it is to climb up a really big hill and have cars watching you? I love it even more. Do you know how motivating it is to keep running when you feel like your insides are burning up, but all the cars are watching you? I don't love that, but it works!

Traffic is good.

3) If you see someone ahead, try to pass them (unless they are a freakin' machine).

This is hard, but good for you. I'd say the first rule of passing another runner is to increase your pace just a little bit. Please don't sprint by them! How embarrassing to pass someone and then have them pass you again because you spent everything you had trying to pass them. Instead, just increase your pace a little bit and get in the grove. Then when you pass them you can kick it into high gear. I blew by someone on my run yesterday.

4) You should always finish your run nearly dying.

People probably won't totally agree with me on this one, but I think that you need to either finish your run with a sprint that nearly kills you, or you need to finish your run chanting "just one more step" to yourself. Because anything in between isn't going to get you going faster or longer. My 2 cents. I tend to pass out in my grass on a regular basis.

Happy Running!

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Rose said...

love it! We've had tummy bugs and I haven't run in a week, last week I only ran once. Back to the grind soon!