Saturday, June 4, 2011

Crazy town June

June has just begun and I seriously can't wait for it to be over. We have so many things happening this month, it's absolute crazy town in our house.

Exciting things none-the-less.

But with change come stress, and lots of it. We are currently turned upside down, but hope to be back to being straightened out and standing the right way in a couple of weeks.

Couple our crazy town life with the fact that Mike's brother and his family are moving to Australia at the end of the month, so they will be visiting one last time, My birthday is July 4th, My first CPA exam (EEK) is July 6th and Mike's other brother is getting married July 8th...we're busy.

"The truth about security, is that there is no such thing as security" I read that quote the other day and couldn't agree more. It seems like as soon as things get comfortable and stable, life throws a curve ball. I'm making some lemonade.

I've been back at running a few times a week and it's helped me tremendously. On the days I don't run I usually do 30-day shred. I feel great.

I got my haircut yesterday. 3-4 Inches of dead ends are gone. Its a bit shorter than what I've been used to, but it looks and feels much better. I'm cool with that.

Until next time...

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