Friday, June 17, 2011

Get a little uncomfortable....please?

You know, Mike and I get on these kicks. For example, watching adventure documentaries on's a bit strange, but it's like a drug. Can't get enough.

A while back we read "Into Thin Air" the popular book about the 1996 Everest Disaster. So when I saw that there was a documentary about it, made in 2008, we were excited to watch it. It was slightly slow moving, and a little bit too much string music in the background, but the fact that we had read the book and were putting faces and names of the survivors together, it was captivating.

The thing about the 1996 tragedy is that is probably could have been prevented. Of course after watching it, Mike and I were analyzing that fact. Suddenly, I found myself saying:

"Change only happens when you're uncomfortable. If you're never uncomfortable, you'll never change."

It's almost embarrassing that I find myself saying it, but hate living that. So often we complain about the job we have, or the fact that we are out of shape, or want to lose a few pounds. Maybe, someone wishes they had a different educational degree, or had a bigger savings account. But if you step back and look at your life, changing any of those things forces you to be uncomfortable. You have to work at it. You want to get in shape and run a race? Guess what, getting in shape sucks, it will make you uncomfortable. You want to go back to school? Guess what, going back to school, after you've done it once, sucks. You'll question yourself constantly. Finding a new, hopefully better job, will probably be stressful, and make you re-think everything, including you're competencies.

But who says that is bad? Who wants to sit at home and just...sit? Don't you want to be drinking from life? Trying new things? Making the uncomfortable become comfortable?

I do. It might still be painful, but at least its not boring.

I hate boring.

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