Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I am dreaming of a Brown Christmas!

Winter is not so bad this year. This is seriously what I thought while driving home the other day in 15 degree weather. But you know what? The roads were dry, the snow is extremely minimal (…”I’m dreaming of a brown Christmas…”), and the sun was out. I’ll take it. Basically, every day that it doesn’t snow shortens our winter by that many days. Last year we got hit with our first snow storm on November 9th. I remember it very distinctly because it was a Saturday and I was going to class (Audit, actually). However that day we were having a speaker from the Minnesota Society of CPA’s come and speak during our class, and she was late, along with a lot of other students. The snow came out of nowhere and when you try to drive in 8 inches of snow that hasn’t been plowed, you need something more than a little front wheel drive car. The snow never melted after that first storm. We got hit with another 8 inches the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and then on December 11th, Minneapolis got absolutely nailed with a 17 in Blizzard. Our Christmas was SO WHITE last year it was ridiculous. The snow didn’t stop then, and we just kept getting hit over and over and over again all through January, all through February, and well into March and even a little in April. Three months of winter, reared its ugly head for 6 entire months last year.

All this to say that we just passed our 1 year 17 inch blizzard anniversary with hardly an inch of snow on the ground and I LOVE it. Actually, the temperature was almost 40 degrees yesterday and the snow has pretty much melted. We’ve already cheated winter by a month, and each day that we can shorten the annoying snowy icy drives is okay in my book. It’s not that I am this bitter person who things winter is absolutely horrifying, but I honestly do not enjoy any winter activities (unless sipping hot chocolate counts as an activity…). Okay, actually I lie, because I like sledding, but really, who does that? I am terrible at ice skating and skiing/snowboarding, no interest in cross country skiing, and running on icy sidewalks sounds about as pleasant as getting a root canal. Plus with the dark setting in at 4:30, there isn’t much I can do after work. At least safely.

So call me bitter, say it’s annoying, do whatever you wish. But I truly am dreaming of a brown Christmas, and even if I don’t get my wish I am still very grateful that we’ve cheated winter this far! And I am very grateful that tomorrow the forecast calls for rain, not snow!


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