Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Goals

I like goals better than 'resolutions' because a goal gives me something to work towards, while a resolution is something I can only break. It's no surprise that there is no shortage of goals, but I'm going to try to nail down a few concrete ones. This isn't a list of uber amazing and inspiring goals...quite the oppose rather...but I have to put them somewhere or else I won't be accountable to anyone or anything.

1) Pay off Debt

Do you remember once upon a time, long ago, Mike and I were on this "get out of debt" kick? Actually, it wasn't a kick and we've been budgeting since then (hello? house). However, we did do things a little backwards, and now we have to get rid of my student loans. Our goal for 2012 is to pay off $20,000 of student loan debt. It's a pretty lofty goal, and you may hear a lot of debt posts this year, so bear with me.

2) Become a CPA

I have 2 exams to pass (should be studying right now actually...). Then an ethics test, finish the work requirements, and apply for the official license. I'm so ready for this.

3) Get a promotion

I'm actually already in line for an "in-role promotion," but if that doesn't happen, Target typically moves people every 18 months, so I am hoping by next Nov/Dec I'll be moving around somewhere.

4) Learn to sew

Someone is going to have to gift me a sewing machine (see #1 above), but I really want to learn how to do some very basic sewing. I have plans to recover a couple of chairs, and to sew some Roman Shades for our bedroom, and Miles' bedroom (we have heat vents below the windows, so curtains aren't a great option).

5) Blog more

Okay, this is one of those "unmeasurable" goals, but it's safe to say that I can only go up from the amount of blogging I am doing now. Having a blog is a good way to look back and remember, and I value that, so I'm going to try to do a better job in this department. I also want to add photos to most post (okay maybe A photo...). Here:

6) Learn to use my camera

Great, a have a DSLR, but use it on "auto" all the time, so I'm going to try to change that!

Do you have any goals this year?

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