Friday, January 6, 2012

Budget your Butt Off!

I am most likely the biggest Dave Ramsey freak you will ever, ever meet. Okay, maybe not ever, but pretty darn close! He cracks me up!

Each week at work we have a "poll" of sorts on our Intra-Company website. This week the question was "What do you want to Accomplish in the coming year?" they listed about 10 choices and a whopping 27% listed "get better control of my finances" as their item of choice for 2012.

Well, so do I! (except I put "eating healthy" as my answer)

As you may know, we follow Dave Ramsey's budget forms, but the paper forms month after month were killing me (let's face it, I still haven't unpacked my printer since we moved). So I took the liberty of taking his main forms and putting them in Excel. Now it's all calculated out for me, no more pencils and calculators!!

I've emailed the Excel file to a few co-workers and family members (with Rave reviews), and thought I would offer to email them to any of you guys as well. They are SUPER helpful, and there is no better time than the beginning of the year, so if you want to check them out tell me in the comments and I will email them to you!

Happy Budgeting!!!


Stephanie said...

Yes, send them to me! I would love an electronic version to go from. Thanks!

Annie said...

I'll send them tomorrow. Set a reminder on my phone :)

The Bagals said...

Yes please said...

Yes, send them to us! :-)


Bri said...

Send 'em over!
Thanks Annie! You rock!