Thursday, September 27, 2012

Homeowner = 1 year

Yesterday was our "one year anniversary" of moving into our house!  I can't believe it's been a whole year already, where has the time gone??  I am 90% sure I haven't posted any pictures of this house.  I still don't have many, and to be honest, we haven't done much (I've been studying remember??).  I'll try to change that.  Here are a few when we first moved in:

 We haven't done a ton in here:
It's now painted a whitish/blue-- not teal
The trim is now white around the window
That crazy fan is removed (still with a hole in the ceiling--the light we want is at Home Depot and is NEVER on sale).
We are debating on what to do with the cabinets.  They will certainly be painted, the color is the question.  We'll add some sort of bar or island at some point, and granite, and a viking range (but now I'm getting way ahead of myself...).

Dining Room
All the trim is white now
And the walls are a light blue/gray
We did add curtains
 Still the same tiny table, working to fix that this winter
Still the same ugly light fixture
Still nothing on the wall
and usually mail on the shelf that I don't know what to do with.  High class.

Living Room
 One of my favorite rooms with its high ceilings and skylights!
Trim is white (notice a theme?)
Walls are light gray 
I get that these pictures the colors look okay, but trust me the walls were crying for paint.  they were in pretty rough shape.
We are going to carpet this floor to cozy it up (that's laminate on the floor anyway, not real wood like the dining/kitchen/family room)
We need new curtains/blinds
New furniture of course
This will all take a long time to happen.
Here's a shot from the other side of the room.
 Look at that!  a Picture with Paint on the walls
everything you see in this photo was free- from the curb
Except the big picture on the wall that was 50% off at Ikea and Mike now HATES it, so it will be going at some point.

Other angle-  yes that desk was free.
Also, nothing in these rooms was permanent, it is not set up the same at all.

 Now painted and filled with toys.  I hate the tile and this will be carpet too at some point.  That door leads to a gross bathroom, with a NEW sauna.  The things people spend their money on!  We'll keep the sauna, but the bathroom will need a major renovation.  You guessed in, in a long while.

Family Room
 Mid Painting-
Otherwise the same

Basically we painted the trim white and the entire house that light color.  which we will change as we work on remodeling each room to how we actually like it.  right now is the first time in the past year that we've actually had the option of doing some stuff, so we'll tackle it slowly and learn as we go.

But there's a few pics for you and happy 1 year house anniversary!


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Brian said...


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Tiffany Larsen said...

Your house looks beautiful! I love the white and beige theme! It gives your home a very sophisticated and inviting appeal! Did you really prefer to have a house with a skylight? Or was it just for additional benefit? ;) Well, I hope that you spend five or ten more years in this house! :))

Tiffany Larsen

Joann Winton said...

High ceilings and skylights around, that’s already a luxury for me! It was a good decision that you chose this house. By the way, was it just by luck that you came across this house or did you really want to find a house with these features?

-Joann Winton

Kermit Lukacs said...

I know my greeting is already too late, but happy anniversary to your home ownership! You’re lucky to have a very beautiful house with a lot of nice features. I’m also looking for a house that has high ceilings, and sad to say, I haven’t found one that fits my taste. Hehe, I hope I could find one as soon as possible so we can move in after the wedding next month. :)

Kermit Lukacs