Friday, September 7, 2012


I'll get back to the CPA blog bore soon.  I had nightmares the other night that I hadn’t actually passed.  Glad it was just a dream.  Wouldn’t be messing with that exam again! 

In other more exciting news—our campus (work campus) just built a FABULOUS five star gym and it opened up this past Tuesday.  I’ve been 3 times in the past 4 days-  2 treadmill runs, and today I did a 60 minute extreme abs and interval class over lunch.  My arms feel like jello.  It.was.fabulous.

I got back into running in June, I had to in order to pass my last exam.  What?  40 hours of work + 25 hours of studying + 1 husband + 1 three year old + 1 four year old?  Add 15-20 miles a week to the mix and you find sanity.  I had to get something else going for me other than just work and study, so running it was.  And when you have been mentally challenged over the past 12 months, the mental challenges associated with running aren’t so bad.

In other ‘news’  I found out Lululemon is pronounced loo loo lemon.  I thought it was Loo loo le mon.  I like my way better.  Am I right on this?  I am trusting google here…

How do you stay sane?

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