Monday, April 14, 2008

counting down.

5 days.

we are out of here in 5 short days and neither mike and i can't wait!

First, don't be offended by our excitement. We will obviously miss our friends a lot. Mom and Dad, Mike, Lydia, and Baby we will miss you too. But in short...we can't wait to 'fly the coop.'

mike and i need to do this, so here is my warning* Please don't CONTINUE to ask us "why seattle?" "what do your parents think?" or "do you have a place to live?" we don't know why we chose seattle...we just did, its a big country. MY parents are supportive. and of course we have a place to you think we are crazy?

I am sorry but i just have to vent a little because we get so much pressure from *certain* individuals about whether what we are doing is the right thing. But I just need to tell others to stop all their fanatical worrying and just be happy for mike, lacey, and i.

and the countdown begins.

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