Wednesday, April 30, 2008

well, i'm glad that's over.

i have decided that i do not want to move across the country ever again. all in all it wasn't terrible but it was long and too adventurous. We made it safe and sound, after getting into an accident near Billings, MT. We jack-knifed our car with our trailer on a bridge. We ended up totaling our car and destroying the trailer. U-haul gave us a replacement truck and a trailer to pull our car for no extra charge (pictures below). Lacey did okay, although she was sleep deprived and a little grouchy (weren't we all). I think she was the happiest of the three of us to finally get here. Here are some pics..unfortunately they are in random order. The mountains are Washington. The snow picture is idaho. The icy roads are in MT by our accident. The other ones are ND and then some random ones of us along the way.

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Rose C said...

Great pictures and great carseat! So glad that you arrived.