Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It's been so cold around here. The "I want to start crying when I go outside, but I don't cry because the tears will freeze to my cheeks" cold. Ick. I am already so over it. The high today is 5.

I finished school last week. I was ready for 4 solid weeks off. Or so I thought. I got the following email this morning.:

"A partial syllabus outlining the chapters and practice questions and problems has been posted on Blackboard.

The first class assignment is indicated.

A more complete syllabus with the exact timing of class meetings and content and tests will be posted by the time class meets in January."

So much for a break. I got 6 days where I didn't think about school (much).
Those who know me, know that I have been a long time country music fan. Yesterday my husband downloaded his first country CD to itunes and downloaded it to his ipod. I was so proud.

Jason Aldeen if you're interested.
I somehow swung getting Christmas off. (Yes, the coffee shop is open on Christmas). We are going to my parents house. I can't wait.
We've moved Miles into double pajamas at night. I'm serious when I say it's cold.

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Rose said...

I came home totally disgusting from the zoo yesterday. It's hot here. Can't we just meet in the middle?