Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Daycare Search

Oh my, oh my. Not an easy thing.

I posted on facebook that I had received a quote for $2707 for both kids. That was my most expensive quote. Was being the operative word. New pricey quote? $3,258. I seriously wonder what kind of house I could buy with that payment?

Or, who can seriously afford that? I surely can't on my entry level salary, assuming I am able to land a job that is. I have however noticed some interesting things.

1) I notice that some centers state that they have an infant waiting list of 1 year. So that means that if I am pregnant and planning on taking a 3 month maternity leave I would have to call them and get on the waiting list the day that little line turns pink. I think that is CRAZY. So happy I am not looking for infant care.

2) I've seen infant care run over $600 a week. I think they are just milking the new parent who is freaking out about leaving their child. That's $2400 a month for one child. Whoa.

3) Daycare on the North side is about 50% cheaper. But since I'd prefer my children do not get shot, I think we will pass.

4) Daycare in the 'burbs is also much cheaper than in the city. Why do we live in the city? Ugh, I don't know. Mike works in the suburbs, but he works in the most expensive one in the city so no help there.

5) I wish I had family in town to solve this problem.

to be continued...

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Rose said...

You poor thing! OUCH!