Saturday, February 12, 2011

operating at genius level

Here is the thing about accounting. You get a degree and suddenly you know everything. At least that is what everyone thinks. I'm suddenly a pro at taxes (uh, never took a corporate tax class), can read a financial statement like nobody's business, and can pretty much answer all your Quickbooks and Peachtree questions.

Because I have an accounting degree.

I explained it to my husband like this, if you take a spanish class for a couple of years and then someone drops you off in the middle of Mexico, you're a little bit screwed. And you learn fast. Because you have to, you need to survive.

Sink or Swim.

Most days I feel like I'm swimming, granted it's the doggy paddle, barely keeping my head above water type swim, but I'm swimming none the less. I'm learning fast too, (the learning curve isn't really a curve at all, it's more of a spike). But some days it's hard.

We are 'in the thick of it' right now. It probably won't get worse than this, which is good because I have about 3 weeks of work on my desk, but making it through the next couple of weeks seems daunting.

Plus it's hard to put in a 60 hour week and feel guilty "for not working enough."

Sigh. I'm exhausted. And today I got to spend the entire day with the kids, which really wasn't all that great because someone must have given them a grouchy pill this morning.

Miles has a cold, maybe an ear infection. Lacey has a minor cold and pink eye. Both of them have a case of the grumps. I put them to bed at 6:45.

Oh, and I have class tomorrow (yes, that's right. This internship I am doing is for credit, so I have to go to class).

MILES TURNS TWO TOMORROW! (yeah, I have class on his

and currently this is a work blog. and I am not going to apologize for that.


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