Saturday, November 8, 2008

13 months.

Each passing month is a little bittersweet. It means that I am one month closer to having to share my attention between Lacey and her sibling, and I hope that it really does come naturally, and that I really am a good mom to 2. At the same time, it is probably one of the most exciting things I can think of! I seriously cannot wait until I have another little baby in my arms (and as a result, I am not pregnant), I can't wait for that first smile, that first giggle, the first time they play together. Ahhhh. It will be delicious..

Lacey has made quite the change this last month. You know they say "oh, they change so much every month", well I didn't completely believe it until this last month.

On October 29th, Lacey started walking independently, meaning not just between Mike and I. Now, just over a week later she is cruising all around the house, like some old pro. If she falls, she just pops right back up and keeps moving. This has also resulted in 2 minor bumps and bruises on the head. Poor thing. But she was more concerned that I put her back down so she could keep walking, than comforting her...

We also pulled away her eating before bed. Now she doesn't get milk right before bed. I decided to do this for a couple of reasons. But mainly because I didn't want her to be so addicted to it that it would be a fight later on (like around the time of the arrival of #2). She didn't fuss once when we took it away. Hopefully by the time February rolls around she won't even remember what a bottle is.

Lacey went from 1 tooth at her 1st birthday to 3 at 13 months. I can see numbers 4, 5, and 6 ready to pop through at a moments notice. Another benefit of late teething/taking away the bottle is that now we brush her teeth with her 'Mo' toothpaste (Elmo), before bed, so her teeth don't sit in milk all night long (Thanks to a mama who is obsessive about dental hygiene...).

Lacey also went from 2 naps to 1 nap, much to my sadness. She does well with 1 nap, but often wakes up a bit earlier than I would like, leading to a crabby baby in the evening, an early bedtime, and as a result, an early wake up time....

Lacey will soon be moving into a toddler bed. This is a hard one for me, because is she really ready? However, like most things I have read, if you have to do it, do it sooner rather than later, the adjustment is easier. Plus everyone I know who has moved their kids early like this, says their child still waited in the bed for them to come in. I am sure you will here more about this transition to come. On the plus side we found the PBK toddler bed with a mattress on craigslist for a mere $85 bucks. Saves us a ton of money (you'll see that too, we pick it up tomorrow).

We are still in size 3 diapers. We tried size 4 and laughed at how big they were.

She drinks about 12-16 ounces of 2% milk a day. Depends on the day and if she is into eating that day or not.

My once "i will eat anything you put in front of me" child has started to become a bit more picky, but we are still doing pretty well over all. She is a big breakfast eater, and then it kinda goes downhill after that.

She talks constantly and has lots of legible words. I often find her practicing in her crib before she falls asleep, or after she wakes up. She can string together one phrase now which is "bye bye daddy" (although, mike doesn't like this too much). She also knows what the cow says and what the kitty says. She is also beginning to get interested in puzzles and trying to put the pieces where they belong.

Oh, and she found her "button" (belly button) and is obsessive about finding it, and then finding mine and mikes. Weird kid, but she is super cute!!

Giving her doll a hug.

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Rose C said...

I love your update. our kids are so alike and so different! Like, even thought they are the same weight/height, Colin is definitely filling up his size 4's.

I can't believe that you are having another.... SOON!