Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Severe Weather Headed Our Way...

Can I add this to the list of "yet another reason why people in this city are crazy and misguided?"

So I am watching the news last night, the "breaking story" is about how all this severe weather is headed our way. It caught my attention because since living here, i haven't seen so much as a thunder storm. What could this severe weather be???


yep, let's get all worked up about some actual rain fall. Gasp. It is going to be doing something besides misting!! Oh no!

The really sad thing is, no one here knows how to drive in rain. No, I am not joking, if you see the accidents on this morning's commute you would believe me. You may think, how does someone living in Seattle NOT know how to drive in rain? It rains all the time in Seattle! First, no it does not. They are all in denial. Second, it usually 'mists' here so they never really have to deal with the rain.

When are people in Seattle going to get a clue about their weather? Trust me, heavy rain is not severe weather, a blizzard when you can't see the end of the driveway is severe. 40 degrees is not cold, 40 below is cold.

this list is neverending, more to come...

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