Friday, July 17, 2009

down with wells fargo...

i shouldn't really be posting this because 1) I have a job interview at wells fargo in 2 weeks and 2) i would actually like a shot at the job, but seriously. We have closed our Washington account TWICE. yes that is right. we have "closed" it twice.

Mike closed the account in May. We opened up a Minnesota account. June rolls around and I notice that suddenly the Washington account has shown up on my online banking screen with a negative balance + about $150 in overdraft fees. Student loans, car payment, and credit card balance, have all been deducted from my account. So I call up wells fargo and talk to an online banker. I said that this account was closed. Well, no, it was not (???!!!). Okay, I need to close this account (and you need to take away the fees). Transfer money into that account. close it. Done.

No. Not done. Today I open up our account and student loans, credit card balance, and car loan were all taken out, of the WASHINGTON account. I called them up again. Oh, we can't close the account because you have to have a zero balance on it. Once you have a zero balance you can call us back on the next business day to close the account (Monday in this case) or you can go into wells fargo today and close it there. No, not with 2 kids i can't.

It actually was a lot worse than that. For example, my credit card balance will come out of the WA account tonight at midnight. I asked her if we can change that. No, it takes 30 days. But don't worry, if you don't have the funds available, we will just charge you a 40 dollar fee.

not cool wf. not cool.

just one more thing to deal with.



seanna said...

what are you interviewing for at Wells Fargo?? and that sucks, I really did not like banking at Wells Fargo...(not that you have an interview, haha...but that they keep charging you all these fees and whatnot)

Annie said...

just a pt teller. every single bank in a 10 mile radius is hiring. should that tell me something?

Catherine Kousma Photography said...

I worked as a teller at WF in Eden Prairie. It's not a terrible job ;) I hope you get it.

WF is terrible about fees and things like that. I think when we move next we might start banking with a Credit Union instead of WF.