Thursday, July 23, 2009

Web-site Spotlight: IKEA HACKING

About a month ago, I found a website devoted to Ikea Hacking. An ingenious soul has gathered Ikea hacks from all over the web and brought them to one spot. Here you can see how people have took regular old Ikea products (often from the used section) and made them shine. It will suck you in!

Here are a few of my favorites:

1) Modern Crib/Dresser

Took IKEA's $100 crib, cut off the legs and placed it on a new base.
Replaced the Hemmes dresser drawer fronts with the same wood as the base
and added new hardware.
Wish I had seen this before I had kids!
Read about it here.

2) DIY Play Kitchens-
I hate, no despise, plastic play kitchens.
The nice wood ones are sooo pricey.
These were done using a $35 shelf from Ikea, plus some additional accessories.
Aren't they great?
I am going to give my own IKEA Play kitchen hack for Lacey's 2nd birthday coming up in October.

Read about how to make this kitchen here.
Plus there are plenty other of DIY play kitchens
in the children's section.

3) Bathroom Vanity

This was created from a $49.99 kitchen cart!
Inspired? You should be!
Here it is.

If you have favorites, share them!!


seanna said...

that last picture of the sink seriously looks so much like the one i had in Sweden!

Andrea said...

OMG Girl! I thought you got so busy with double kiddo life that you no longer had time for blogging... I was bopping around on Rose's blog and saw that Little Running Feet had been updated... I thought you were on your other blog and have not checked this one since you said you were leaving it. So happy to see you ARE blogging and I can see the kiddo's and read up again :)