Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Let's Go Biking!

There aren't a lot of family activities you can successfully do with 2 kids this young. Usually everything takes a lot of planning and you are always getting interrupted by sleep schedules, eating times, and the occasional toddler temper tantrum.

But biking is something we figured we could do. Hey, after all Mike and I met on a bike trip. It just seems fitting that we bike.

We purchased a Burley Honey Bee trailer from REI. It was the only double they had in stock, which didn't matter because its the one we wanted anyway. Took it home and after naps away we went.

Minneapolis has this amazing bike route called the Greenway. It's basically its own road that connects you to the entire city of Minneapolis. Super handy with kids, since biking on actual roads is dangerous and stressful. The Greenway is about a mile from our door, so we hopped on the trail and headed to Trader Joe's, about 6 miles via the trail.

The kids did GREAT. Well, mostly. We neglected to feed Miles prior to leaving so we had to stop along the trail to feed him, since he was screaming periodically in the trailer. Lacey didn't want to get back in the trailer on the return trip, but some dried mango solved that problem. Miles fell asleep on the way back and Lacey kept pushing him off her and whining about him leaning on her (the first of many such whines I am sure), but once we told her to give miles a hug, instead of push him off her she did fine...

The Greenway

Lacey's favorite part of the whole thing
was probably drinking out of the
water bottle. Which she successfully
poured all over herself.

Miles on our pit stop. Happy to be full!

Getting ready to leave Trader Joes. Lacey was a
little grouchy at this point.

Good Lord I think they look a lot alike here.

Sister/Brother love.


Catherine Kousma Photography said...

I love the picture where Lacey has her arm around Miles. That is so sweet ;)

Rose said...

I love these pictures! GO YOU!

Annie said...

I should also point out that we DO wear helmets! Just not in pictures.