Thursday, November 12, 2009

2 year well baby check

I suppose its called a well-child visit. But regardless, we had Lacey's 2 year check up today. I am only a month and some change late, not too shabby huh? (I am seriously so tired of bringing the kids in all.the.time. for random checks, nurse only shot visits etc.).

First, she has this fear of the doctor, so I was dreading having to bring both kids during Miles' naptime, but my husband didn't have to go to work until noon today so I got one on one time with Lacey. Nothing like using the doctor's office as our get away. We've been prepping Lacey for this visit since Sunday (mostly because I thought the appointment was on Monday, until I found my calendar at 9:00 pm Sunday night and realized the appointment wasn't until today...).

Things like telling her the doctor will look at her tummy, and her head, and her knees and toes and eyes and ears and mouth with a special baby light. She was golden. Did everything the doctor asked of her. She got the MMR shot as planned and she also got the H1N1 vaccine. I was very up in the air about H1N1, but ultimately I decided that if she were to get the swine flu I'd be kicking myself for not getting her vaccinated. I told myself that if they had it when I went there then I'd get it. (Same goes for Miles and his 9 month check is next week). She also got her finger poked and squeezed for a lead test and didn't shed a tear. She was more afraid of the band-aid than anything.

She refused to put on a pull-up to go to the doctor so we were in underwear for the entire drive there, the visit, and the drive home. She stayed dry. Hallelujah! While we were waiting I was having nightmares about her peeing on the cloth waiting room chair, thankfully that didn't happen.

She is 29 pounds and 35 inches.


Rose said...

big girl! Colin was 26 lbs and 33.5 inches long. it's fun to compare since they are exactly the same age, minus a day.

So what is the Number about, the book that you are reading?

Annie said...

Yeah, the number...I was reading it for extra credit for school and then mike returned it so i never read it!