Wednesday, November 4, 2009

are mom's mean? are they?

i'm in the middle of a kid-free week and i am enjoying every minute of it. I miss my kids like crazy, but I am living it up not having them here. I'm doing all sorts of crazy things like running errands, you know, without trying to fit them around naptimes, mealtimes, and meltdowns.

i've noticed something though. mom's are mean. let me re-state that. i've noticed that mom's with small children are not very kind or friendly to people who are running errands flying solo.

am I like this?? EEK. I hope not.

For example, today at Target, I nearly got knocked into with a shopping cart TWICE. Apparently, mom's think you should get out of the way, because they have kids and all. I was seriously given an exasperated sigh and a glare which translated to "get the heck out of my way, i have such a tough job with these kids and you are making it worse by being in MY way." Last I checked, I thought the polite thing to do was to both move, or give a nice excuse me. (it was one of those moments where you move slightly and assume that they too will move slightly, but they don't and then you practically get run over).

I had another experience while going into the bathroom stall today. I was going into the big stall, when I hear someone behind me. We had the following conversation:

HER: you're not a family.
ME: excuse me?
HER: your NOT a family, you shouldn't use that stall.
ME: oh, did you want to use it?
HER: well, we were going to!
ME: well you can use it if you want to.
HER: you don't have kids, you shouldn't go in that stall (exasperated as she goes in to a small stall with her daughter).
ME: Well, next time, ask for the stall if you want it, rather than make a snide remark to me in front of your daughter. (yes I was pissed).


So anyway, i know that I have been the crabby, exasperated mom who is jealous of all those kid free people hopping in and out of cars like it is no big deal. It's weird seeing it from the other side of the fence and I vow to try my hardest to not be that type of mom.

and seriously, if you hate staying with your kids then don't. and at the very least don't act like a child in front of them. they see everything you do.


Andrea said...

I love it how parents say things in front of their kids and forget that kids REPEAT things...
At daycare, there is space for barely 2 cars if you pull all the way in. One day, I was dropping Laura off late so I assumed everyone else was already there and parked in the middle. Well, nasty mommy with 3 kids pulls down the road and must have not been too happy to see me in the middle... She's snarky as it is. Well, I'm leaving and as I walk past the barely kindegardener... she says to me "Why do you park in the middle?" I didn't even say anything I was so just thinking "ok, that mom just totally B*&*#$& me out on her way down the road and I know it because her 4 year old can't keep her mouth shut" At least I got a giggle out of it!!!

Kristen said...

I cannot believe the lady in the bathroom...RIDICULOUS! I'm glad you said something to her! What's sad is that she probably thought YOU were the rude one!