Wednesday, January 13, 2010


today marks 11 months since Miles came (rather quickly) into our lives.

Eleven months ago today we had just moved into our friends condo and were living out of boxes.

Eleven months ago today I was religiously taking evening primrose oil to try to ripen that cervix and maybe, just maybe, help me go early. No, it didn't work but it made recovery (and chasing after a 16 month old 24 hours after delivery) a breeze.

Eleven months ago I had no idea how true the phrase "two is more than twice the work" was.

But we've made it eleven whole months. When I look back on these 11 months I sometimes can't figure out how we've actually made it this far. Sometimes I think how on earth did I keep them both alive and healthy? How did I get them to sleep through the night despite the noise each of them makes? How did I get them to nap at the same time nearly every day? How did I get my 2 year old potty trained with a baby around? How on earth did I manage to handle school?

I really have no idea.

But when the older one turns to the younger one and says "I love you my big boy" I figure I've done something right.


Andrea said...

Note to self: add EPO to shopping list!

Andrea said...

Oh, and I keep hearing the saying "Having 2 is like having 10"... THAT scares me! But, it makes me think that if we ever do have a third - that that should be an easier transition than 1-2 is...

Rose said...

It IS more than double the work. Totally.