Monday, January 18, 2010

oh, dear, uneventful life.

I suppose it's not that uneventful is bad. I've had many events occur in my life and I am certainly busy, but I have nothing to blog about.

(Heck, I have nothing even remotely witty to post as a status update on facebook).

I've got nothing people! Let's see...

School, is still school. I sometimes feel like doing my homework and I sometimes do not. Regardless, I always have a lot to do, and I have resorted to getting up at 6 (or so) in the morning and studying until the kids wake up. This is what happens when naptime is now rest time. It's just me, my books, my coffee, and some country music. Good times.

We cut the nap for Lacey....sort of. See, if she doesn't get her nap she is just an absolute crank by about 6 p.m., so I decided that she gets 40-60 minutes of "rest time" each day. If she falls asleep I let her sleep for an hour. If she doesn't I let her rest in her room and come out after about 40 minutes or so. She has fallen asleep every time. But she is also going to bed at night without fighting it. Let's hope this trend continues!

Work. I work 4.5 hours this week. I think they are annoyed that I closed up my availability. Oops! I don't really care though. Okay, I sort of do because my paycheck will be even more laughable than it normally is, but I sort of don't care, because I can work 1 shift and still get free coffee...

Husband...mike is in Chicago for a few days. So it's just me and the kids. Spending money and staying busy. Actually we aren't really spending much money, but we are trying to stay busy and get out of the house often.

The weather is great. Its really, really great for January. It's still a bit too cold to take the kids out for walks, but it's not "warm up the car for 30 minutes and then get to the car and practically die from the cold" weather. In fact, we can see our driveway now. The cement is a wonderful sight. It looks like it will last at least another week.

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Elisa, Croatia said...

You are a super mom just like my sister! She studied Electrical Engineering through two pregancies and now she graduated and has two beautiful boys 4 and 3! She works, her husband works, and yet has the energy to come home, clean house and cook dinner with hubby's help of course. I don't have it in me to go past one child!At least not yet.
good luck on your school!