Saturday, January 9, 2010


Saturday, or maybe just the weekend in general doesn't hold the appeal it once did.

School started again for me this morning so from now until April I have class every Saturday morning. Class isn't a problem. Sure, sometimes the homework gets me stressed out and I have trouble finding time to do everything, but school is fine.

But then I come home from school and Mike goes to work immediately. So immediately that he is dressed with his coat and boots and keys in his hands when I walk in the door. He works until about 10. So Saturdays start to get long because it's cold and we can't go play outside and so then we try to get out somewhere. We decided to go to the mall today because if my husband can't be home then we might as well go see him right? Plus, I needed a coldbuster because I have a terrible cold and need to bust it. The mall also has an indoor play area and I figure I might as well get the kids as worn out as possible. Apparently about 50 other parents had the same idea. So there were a million kids crawling everywhere, I didn't have a place to put the stroller and I really didn't want Lacey going to touch all those germs, err, kids. Whatever. But I decided that since she is 2, if I made the decision to leave, she would protest and let me, and everyone within 50 feet know how unhappy she was with me.

No she did not want to go touch all those germs. There is only a handful of places that Lacey relaxes and goes and plays with other kids. The mall is not one of them, thankfully. So she played on the tractor and I put in the $.50 to let her ride and then when she was ready to go we went and got skittles out of the machine. Don't I just sound like the best mom ever? Seriously, those skittles were pretty much her dinner : (

Of course Miles decides that now since he is almost a toddler he needs to make sure everyone knows that he has an opinion. So he did. And he doesn't cry, he screams. Really loud. It's his gift I think. I gave him Jamba Juice. He stopped screaming. See- Good mom.

So then we left. And the mall parking lot is so darn icy. I had a few scary instances, but there were no other cars near by so the only thing I would have potentially crashed into is the snowbanks surrounding me. It just doesn't make for a very relaxing drive home when you have almost spun out a couple of times. Of course the highways aren't icy like the parking lots, but they still shake you up.

Not that it's easy to drive, even on the driest of roads, when you have one kid who is whining and the other kid who is repeating the same 4 word phrase over and over and over and over...."MOM, I NEED IT". Don't ask me what "it" was, because I don't know. All I know is that she was stressing me out and I was trying to drive in traffic and merge into the carpool lane, read text messages about my cousin who had a baby today, and she kept screaming "MOM I NEED IT" over and over again. Grr.

So we made it home and I tried to feed her dinner which she wouldn't touch, which is how skittles became her dinner. Then she showed Miles how fun toilet paper can be and I had teeny tiny pieces of TP all over my bathroom and in the bathtub. Sweet.

Finally got them into bed, but if you have, or have ever had a 2 year old, you know they don't sleep. She actually didn't do too bad tonight it's 9:30 and she is still up, but I think she is almost asleep.

So tomorrow I get to work at 6 and then I have class at noon until 5.


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Andrea said...

Shhhhhhhhhh... don't tell Laura that 2 year olds don't sleep!