Friday, April 30, 2010

after 10 weeks of running.

It took 10 weeks of running for me to have my breakthrough run.

10 flippin' weeks.

The first 9 weeks were hell on earth. Seriously. They were the "by the time I get back to my house I am going to puke all over the steps" runs. I was a dying mess.

Last Monday, the beginning of week 10, I noticed something. I was halfway through my run and I wasn't dying. I didn't have much kick left at the end of my run, but I wasn't about to throw up on the steps either.


Then yesterday something happened. I finished my run with a sprint, an uphill sprint. I finished and thought to myself, Is that it? Shouldn't I keep going? I am not even dying yet! Then I realized. I had broken through. The coveted "breakthrough" run was mine.



Andrea said...

Yay!!! Good job! I gave up exercising after 10 days in... Grr! Went away for 3 days and got out of my routine.

Rose said...

Awesome! You are my inspiration, my runs are still hell until I reach mile 2 or so. Then it's easier but I'm exhausted.