Monday, April 12, 2010


I think if I weren't married I would either be totally broke and overweight, or totally broke and super, duper thin. Why?

I hate cooking. It hasn't always been this way, but after over 4 years of not really cooking myself a meal, I don't really enjoy it anymore. My creative juices aren't flowing in the cooking department. My husband does about 97% of the cooking and restaurants do the other 3%. So when the kids are with grandma and grandpa, and my husband is working late, I don't eat.

If I were single I would order take out, or go eat out, probably every night. Therefore I would be broke and most likely overweight. When I know he is going to be hungry when he gets home, I just wait, and starve in silence (okay, it's not that bad cause if I were really truly starving I would eat). I'll just wait for him to cook for me.

Plus we have to go to the grocery store. We are majorly out of food. I'm not allowed to go to the store without him for groceries. I tend to buy a cart full of stuff that sounds good, but unfortunately doesn't make meals. Plus, I buy too much candy.

I could seriously inhale p.f. changs or big bowl right now. But now we have a restaurant budget too. I can't really just go to a restaurant without thinking about it.

Okay, this post is going nowhere fast. Sorry! Basically 1) I am bored 2) I am hungry and 3) I hate monday night t.v. so there is nothing on to entertain me right now. I'm stuck with the computer.

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