Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A day in OCTOBER

October. I love October. It is for sure one of my favorite months and I am not quite sure why. I'm thinking it has to do with the changing of the seasons. It's not frigid and blah outside, rather we have a lot of bright, crisp, sunny days. That is love.

I decided to document my day in October last Thursday the 21st. My friend had borrowed me her SLR camera (something I am drooling over), and I wanted to take as many "necessary" pictures as I could.

So, without further adieu...A Day In October.

There has been a lag since I took these pictures and documented them out. I'm pretty sure I was up studying and drinking coffee because that is what I do every day. Who wants to see that though? No one I hope!
Lacey was up early on this particular day. We hung out and ate scones.

and I took a lot of pictures of her.

Then her brother was up, happy as a clam and holding the trusty Thomas the Train.
I don't know if he let go of that toy on this day...

I guess he decided to feed the horse some train for breakfast.

We ate breakfast and got dressed. I put on Super Why, while I got dressed.
Here is Miles doing the actions that they are asking him to do!

Lacey is doing them too.

We made a quick trip to Target. I had an interview on this afternoon, so I was looking for a new shirt to wear under my blazer.

I hate suits.

Anyway, we came home and ate lunch.

And then played for a bit after lunch.
I am not sure what was going through Lacey's mind in this picture, but I thought it was funny.

Cute boy. Heading for a nap.

More Thomas the Train.

While Miles napped, Lacey watched some Dora, while I got ready for the interview.
I was about to go on my 5th interview in a couple of weeks, and while I was happy to HAVE the interviews, getting ready for them, rushing the kids out to Mike's work, and then actually doing the interview, was getting pretty old.

Lacey's hair is finally long enough to do something with!

Watching Dora.

Lacey is a rockstar color-er.
She loves it and she actually does a pretty good job of staying in the lines.


From here I rushed the kids out to Mike's work, so he could watch them while I was at my interview. Then I rushed off to the interview. I left instructions for Mike to take some pictures of the kids, which he did not do.

The interview lasted 2 hours and they gave me an offer on the spot.

I was pumped. It seems like a great firm and pays really well (always a bonus).

The job is actually an internship, which is what I wanted. Accounting internships typically end up in full time offers (unless you are terrible), and you work until April 15th and then get the summer off and come back to work full time in October.

Sounds like a great plan to me.

We can try out the whole work full-time thing and then if we hate it, we can figure out something else. But I don't think I'll hate it.

I will hate finding daycare though.

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Mrs. B. said...

I adore these pictures. I WANT one of those fabulous cameras. Sigh...
Lacey's eyes are incredible.

Congratulations on your job offer! Amazing! I love the schedule of working until April and off until the Fall. Sounds pretty ideal.

Thanks for linking!