Friday, October 15, 2010

one of those days

do you ever just have one of those days?

When you wake up late and just cannot get moving.

When your kids are fussy and you aren't really sure why.

When you go to the store, get all the way to the cash register, and realize you forgot your wallet?

When you get home, already frustrated, and realize that the power is out in the whole house, and you can't make the macaroni and cheese you've promised?

When the peanut butter and jelly you've made instead is met with screams of un-delight?

When you finally get them to eat their "alternative" lunch, the power comes back on?

When you realize the fridge isn't working, and hasn't been for a while judging by the temperature of the Milk?

When you realize that you will be literally be pouring groceries down the drain?

When you realize that today you just need to get your rally on because that's all you've got left?

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