Friday, August 26, 2011

House...sneak peak

It took 5 very L-O-N-G months but we finally got approval on this sucker today...Hooray!

(sorry, this is the MLS picture from MARCH when we put the offer in...)

OMG---3 car garage---!!!!!-----ATTACHED-----no hiking through the snow to start my brushing snow or scraping carrying the kids in the dark and cold to the car....LOVE.

Anyway, we are very happy. On the agenda for next week is:
1) Inspection
2) Lock-in Financing (interest rates are so LOW right now)!
3) I have month-end close = 10-12 hour work days for Monday-Wednesday. (boo)!

Geez. We will be busy!!

The house needs PAINT. Desperately. We have decided to try to paint the entire house, including enameling the trim work before moving it. It's certainly the best time to do it. We already have a renter for this place lined up, so the timing might be tricky. Paint it is our goal.

Maybe a few other minor fixes and repairs. Can't wait to show more pics!!

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