Sunday, August 7, 2011

Well-Being snapshot

Going to try to give more complete answers, as opposed to one word phrases.

If I could say one thing to myself 10 years ago: Ten years ago i was graduating from High School. I would definitely tell myself that the best is yet to come. You will face challenges, but you’ll get over them, you will get married and have kids, but don’t try to rush that or focus on when that will happen, and you need to enjoy your time now because life won’t always be so flexible and fun!

My favorite place in the world: Any place when I am looking over a lake, sipping coffee, and eating breakfast on a comfortable summer morning. Doesn’t that sound absolutely divine?!

The lesson I keep learning over and over: We are not in control, God is. When life seems a bit bleak, He is just working out His plan. My job is to trust and be patient, which is SO hard sometimes! However, I do hope that trust and a positive outlook is something I can pass to my kids, and I suppose it will be hard to pass that a long if I never experience it huh?

The movie I watch when I want to laugh: Oh man, I have no idea? Maybe something like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, or Wedding Crashers. I am a fan of Kate Hudson.

The most scared I've ever been: Probably when we were in Washington. Mike came home from work and showed me a letter that said “Due to the recent economy, our company is reorganizing, and your position will no longer be needed….” I was 31 weeks pregnant with Miles at the time. They offered to have Mike to stay on as a “shift manager” but we were taking at least a $1000 pay cut per month. I don’t even know if we could afford rent. So now, refer back to the lesson I keep learning over and over again (above).

No one knows I: Can’t settle down, ever. (okay, my husband knows this and it drives him crazy). I am like a machine, I just don't stop...go, go, go...stay on schedule, no time for that, let's go! I push and push and push, until I get sick (literally), I just always want to have everything figured out right this minute, which most of the time is impossible. I am learning to settle for ‘mostly figured out.’ That’s the best I can do. (kids have helped me settle down a lot).

Unhealthiest thing I've ever passed off as dinner: Oh, good grief. If my husband isn’t home, I eat horrendously. Probably a few marshmallows and some coffee (don’t worry, I feed the kids a meal, why I don’t eat their meal is beyond me).

Personal philosophy: Always be creating goals, and then find a way to make them a reality--No matter what, don't settle, no regrets, don't be lazy. You will get there.

Book that changed my life: This is a terrible answer, but my Intermediate Accounting I textbook. It was when I discovered that Accounting is 1) HARD 2) Confusing and 3) not about math, it's about rules. Changed everything I thought I knew about accounting, so essentially it changed my life I guess.

I unwind by: Browsing the internet, wasting time looking at facebook, pinterest, apartment therapy, blog reading, online shopping etc. Mike has no idea how I can “waste” so much time online!

Proudest moment in my career: landing a busy season internship, and successfully completing it. Mike just told me the other day he has no idea how I did it working that much.

What keeps me up at night; Caffeine. (serious, I’ve made coffee at 5;00 pm against my better judgement). Also movie watching, and browsing the internet. I should probably add “trying to figure life out” I don’t sleep that well, I can’t really shut down easily. Lacey takes after me in this way, she calls me into her room over and over again, to ask a random question or shoot the breeze with me. Mike and Miles on the other hand shut off immediately. In fact once I turn off Miles’ light, I usually lay down in his bed with him. He says “mommy, leave.” To which I reply “not until I get a kiss” So he gives me a kiss and then asks for a hug as well

I define "downtime" as: Downtime is mostly when I am doing absolutely nothing, and there is nothing I should be doing. This happens, never, because you know, I can always study!

Coffee or tea? Coffee. Definitely. Lots and lots of coffee.

Guiltiest pleasure: I would have to say doing/buying something for myself. Kids are expensive, and they are the ones who grow out of everything in their closet every season, so often, they get the new stuff, and I keep the same stuff year after year. Some of my guiltiest pleasures are shopping for ME; finding new, comfortable, work shoes, getting stuff on major sale, a fresh haircut/color, and a venti soy no water chai…If I can go shopping, grab a chai, and then sit down for a cut/color, I would be in heaven. A girl can dream right?

My mom was right about: letting your kids grow up is the hardest part about being a parent. I remember seeing books with titles like “Give Them Wings” when I was in high school. But my parents had it spot on. They are so good about letting Mike and I vent about our problems, but have never offered unsolicited advice. In fact, there have been times I have wished she would just tell me what to do, but she doesn’t. Which turns out for the best, because only we know what is right for us, and only we can navigate and figure it out. Now that I am a parent, seeing them become older and more independent is definitely a hard process, but it’s also rewarding.

My mom was wrong about: not much...

The last time I lost my temper was: Last week at Mall of America. I am not going to lie, having a 2.5 and a 3.5 year old is, as Mike puts it, wicked. It was a rainy morning and we decided to take the kids to annoying MOA to go on a couple of rides. The mall had just opened so we thought it would less busy. We were dead wrong. It was total chaos. Initially the kids were fine, but once we got out of the stroller to go on a ride, getting back in was not an option for them. Screams. Then Lacey pinched her finger in the stroller. More screams. We left with 2 screaming kids, through the parking ramps, where some lady had the audacity to ask us if she could have our parking spot. For realz? Do two harried parents, with 2 screaming toddlers really look like we are in the mood. We had both kind of lost it.

My favorite moment of the day: I love waking up on a semi-chilly morning, after getting enough sleep and everyone else is still sleeping, and drinking those first few sips of coffee.

I wish I had more time for: DIY projects. So many ideas, so little time. oh, and I wish I had time to run.

I'm currently reading: Wiley CPA Exam review: Business Environment and Concepts. It sucks and is dreadfully boring in case you were wondering. I am currently studying derivatives and hedging. Good times.

Home means: It definitely means where I can be myself and just relax!

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