Saturday, August 13, 2011

up for this?

Today is the day I challenge anyone who wants kids, but doesn't yet have them, to come over and watch mine. Don't be surprised if they change your mind!

A typical day starts out really well, gradually leads to more whining and bickering as lunch and naptime comes closer, then it peaks again after naps. All is well until closer to bedtime when things start falling apart again. It's a pretty typical cycle.

You just know it's going to be a rough day when it fall apart 15 minutes after waking up. It takes all my gumption to be "up for it."

I did all I could to keep them happy. Both were short on sleep, so I wasn't completely surprised. I let them play in the bath as long as they wanted, pick out their own clothes, keeping my mouth shut regardless. I let them drag out every pillow and blanket from their beds and jump on it in the living room. Today I even rearranged the furniture in their bedrooms, since it helped keep their little minds occupied.

And now, I will relish (study) in the sweet moment that is naptime.


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