Wednesday, August 31, 2011

little updates on life

Wow- Everyone seems to have kids that are heading off to kindergarten this year. Lacey wants to go SO BAD, especially because "Maya is 5 and she get's to go to school." (Yep, Maya is her best daycare friend).

At this point we've decided not to put Lacey in any sort of preschool. Being an October baby she's missed the cutoff for next year as well, so why do 2 years of preschool? Plus, I am not so sure preschool is going to teach her much she isn't already learning. She's a smart one! I think one of the most important aspects of school is the social part. When I stayed home, I felt like my kids were pretty good socially. A little slow to warm up-- but once they were comfortable no issues. However, going to daycare, being surrounded by bigger, older, louder, kids really threw them off for a while! Here they were having to become friends with an entire new group of people! During circle time at daycare they talk a lot about bullying, because as you can guess the kids can be bullies some days! What I love most is that Joyce sits everyone down, talks about what happened, talks about how that makes people feel, and talks about what you should do if that happens to you in the future. I love that last part. She told me once that she really hopes that when her kids leave and go to school, and someone says "Hey, I don't like your shirt!" That her kids can think back to Joyce's house and what they learned there and remember the best way to respond.

In other news, Miles is a dream child lately, which mostly means that the tide is about to turn, but so far I am ABSOLUTELY loving the less drama that a boy brings. Not to say that Miles doesn't have his moments, he certainly does, but Lacey's "moments" seem to last a lifetime sometimes! I am always forgetting Miles is just 2.5. I wish I could just brag on him for a minute, the kid is a freaking genius (but I'll spare you). The things he tells me and the paragraphs he speaks are freaking hilarious! I love that kid so much, plus he is such a mama's boy, so when I see him after work he just goes CRAZY talking, talking, talking to me. His current favorite thing is SPIDERMAN. He runs around the house 'getting the bad guys'

Lacey is the opposite of a dream child lately. Fighting everything. Getting dressed, brushing hair, going to the bathroom, going to bed, eating, getting in the car. Anytime we are trying to be serious, she starts going crazy and laughing and giggling nonstop. Drives me slightly nuts. I suppose it's part of her exerting her independence, but sometimes it just grates at me. I am finding that with her I really have to "engage" her in things. Like tonight, for example, I had her help me pack the linen closet. Put her in charge of a few small tasks, and she was a dream. I think I need to transition thinking of her as "little" she is certainly getting bigger and wiser and wants more responsibility and more direction. Something for me to remember and us to work on!

Finally, we got the house, inspection was clean! We move in a couple of weeks. Buying a house costs a lot of money. The End.

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