Saturday, November 19, 2011

Babies & Kids

When Miles was young, everyone used to tell me "just wait, you are going to miss having a baby so much, you'll be itching for another one by the time he's two!"


Two has come and gone, and THREE (!!) is right around the corner, and with every passing stage I just love being out of the baby stage!

Don't get me wrong, babies are super delicious, and I really loved having them around...for a time, but it's more of a 'been there, done that' attitude. Plus with friends having babies every month, it's not like I can't see one now and then! I had a nephew in August, will have another in a couple of weeks, and another (don't know the gender, guessing nephew) in May.

SEE? Plenty of babies. That doesn't even include friends.

Okay, let's be honest too, the cost of daycare for three children is silly to think about, and since I love, love, love working outside the home, and find a ton of fulfillment in my job, well, we aren't going there!

** Can I add that it's snowing out. Both kids are napping. I have a fresh cup of coffee in my hand. Great afternoon. Now off to study 'Secured Transactions!'

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