Wednesday, June 11, 2008

8 Months.

On Sunday (June 8), Lacey was 8 months old!!!

She is my little book worm! When given a stack of books she will page through them for 45 or so minutes. When given a stack of toys...15 minutes.

She is a little scared to move on her own. "Daring; Getting into everything" is NOT in her personality description. She is slowly venturing out and attempting to go from a sit to a crawl position (Twice this morning!). She just doesn't know how to go anywhere from that position and that makes her a little angry.

She loves watching Sesame Street. Does this make me a bad mom for letting her watch it when she is 8 months old? Well, whatever, she laughs hysterically at Elmo and it captivates her.

Mommy and Lacey share a water bottle! I love not having to bring water for me and a sippy cup. and she loves drinking out of mommy's bottle. Last night at REI she was playing with it and unscrewed the cover. She was soaked and went home in a T-shirt and diaper : )

Overall she is a happy, happy baby. She has been sleeping wonderful (11 hours every night), she has mastered baby babbling and loves to talk back and forth with mama. She isn't scared of strangers yet, unless she is tired or hungry. Then she only wants mama. She just learned how to clap, loves to be tipped upside down or thrown in the air. She only has 3 bottles a day and drinks 1 meal out of a big girl cup!


Rose C said...

Oh my goodness she is getting so big! And she is cuter and cuter all the time! Not sure how that is possible, but it is!

Andrea said...

OMG! I just found the side bar where you have the tales of the L&D nurse... TOTALLY cracking me up over here! ha ha ha! I needed a good read :) Thanks!