Friday, June 6, 2008

Name that baby

Found this on another blog. I thought it was worth re-posting because it hilarious!

I consider myself to be an observer of cultural and socio-economic trends. One of these trends is to name a child something outlandish in an attempt to be "unique". In my opinion, there's unique, and then there's stupid. Some names I've seen recently:

Surrenahdi - presumably, this is pronounced the same as "serenity"?

Twins named Donte and Dante - and mom gets mad because we can't tell the difference...

Neiljohn - a combo of dad's middle and first names, maybe??
Anjohnneil - Neiljohn's sister (seriously....)

Kayshevona, Kaytreona, and Kaysheona - sisters, thankfully not triplets....

Blaze - that's a name I'd give a horse, personally (or maybe a superhero?)

Ok - people can name their kids whatever they want. The real stupidity here is when the "unique" parents get pissed off at those of us who can't pronounce the names. Hey - you're the one that invented the name - don't get mad at me!

(The REALLY stupid thing is that spell check didn't highlight ANY of these names!)

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Rose C said...

Girl, we could chat about names. I have worked with some strangely named kids! Including an Usher, and many others. Crazy!