Wednesday, June 4, 2008

what you forgot to mention

one of the books I just finished reading was called "Wiped" by Rebecca Eckler. It was about adjusting to motherhood during the first 2 years, and was broken up into trimesters (0-3 months; 3-6 months; etc). At the end of each 'trimester' she listed 10 things people forgot to mention to you about motherhood. here are my 10 things so far.

10 things they forgot to tell me about motherhood...

10. Your child will have a better wardrobe than you, and you won't care one bit.
9. You will get angry with your little one and then feel horrible for getting angry with them.
8. All of that anger will melt away the second they smile at you.
7. Your entire life will revolve around their sleeping and eating schedules.
6. Your body will never really be the same.
5. Everyone will have an opinion on everything you do, which will make you question your own decisions.
4. Their stuff will take over your house, and you will find yourself cleaning ALL THE TIME.
3. When you have a newborn, you will wake up frantically searching for your baby in your bed. Even if they have never once been in your bed. I think its the delirium.
2. Babies can be boring. (sorry its true. cute yes, boring yes).
1. You will still be extremely tired even though your child sleeps through the night.

And...10 Things about Pregnancy that I didn't expect, and didn't like.

10. Morning sickness = ALL DAY.
9. You can't sleep on your stomach (duh); your back (huh?); and preferably not your right side...leaving your left side.
8. Prenatal vitamins made me sick.
7. People really want to know your cravings. They want them to be weird. Like peanut butter on pizza.
6. More than just your stomach will grow.
5. You make 29475 bathroom stops per day (either throwing up or peeing).
4. You will outgrow your wedding ring and wonder if it will ever fit again.
3. Everyone will ask gender and names and due date.
2. You will never stop worrying about your baby (while they are in you or out).
1. Labor made me sick (literally).

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Rose C said...

Ugh, the worst part about labor for me was being sick. So gross.