Thursday, January 6, 2011

The first few days...


I really love the job, and I work with some really great, really nice people.

However, I am pooped. Completely exhausted. My body is definitely out of the regular work time.

And I miss the kids like crazy during the day. (Although the first day was the worst, it is getting better).

I may not have much time for "social media" type things in the next few months. When I am not at work I will be spending some very important quality time with my husband and kiddos. And when I am doing neither of those things I will be lounging on the couch or sleeping : )


Bri said...

Glad to hear it Annie! We're so happy for you!

Andrea said...

Glad you like it! I don't doubt it'll take awhile to get your mind and body back on the working track, but once you find your groove, you'll settle into a new set of comfortable routines.