Saturday, January 15, 2011

well...we survived the first week of daycare.

I have a little secret to tell you...

I don't mind sending my kids to daycare one little bit.

There, I said it.

Last Tuesday marked the first day of daycare for our little ones. All of the stress of a new job, finding daycare, getting up early, and driving around the city at those crazy hours hasn't really been all that bad. I am SO happy that I waited a week after my job started to put them in daycare though...

I dropped them off at 7:30 on Tuesday, hugs and kisses from Lacey (who was beyond excited, but also a bit anxious), and tears from Miles (which was expected). I had no regrets. I love the lady watching them, so leaving your kids is MUCH easier when you like the person they are staying with.

No tears from me, just a smile on my face.

As the week wore on, we had more meltdowns from Lacey (who became more and more behind on sleep), and less meltdowns from Miles (who will actually fall asleep when we put him to bed earlier). By Friday we had no crying from Miles (!!), This was a big milestone that I didn't expect to hit until somewhere in week 3.

We are having a few other issues with Miles, that I am sure will clear up soon. First, He won't eat much at her house. He is seriously getting lighter by the day (okay, maybe not, and trust me, he could lose a few and it wouldn't hurt him). He comes home ravenous. Despite offering him endless foods, he doesn't seem to want to eat. He's a stubborn one he is. He is also having a hard time adjusting to not having Lacey as his one and only. We first noticed he might have a problem at Christmas, when their cousin Lauren would come over to play. Lacey and Lauren play, play, play, and Miles has a hard time sharing his sister with anyone else, even though they were more than willing to play with him (Lauren is only 5 months older than Miles). This seems to hold true here at daycare, Lacey is apparently playing hard with the other little girls, and Miles isn't used to being on his own, and finding his own friends to play with. He is still young, so playing "with" and opposed to "next to" other kids is a skill he hasn't completely gotten down, but he also has never had to try to find anyone to play with, so I think that is wearing on him too.

I'm sure it will pass. There are a lot of other little boys at daycare that will play with him, when he decides to get off his grumpy horse and play!

It is hard however, not seeing them all day. Truth be told I rarely think about what they are doing while I'm at work. However, when we have a meltdown at night, the guilt sets in. Not because I feel bad for working, but because they are doing such a great job being so tough through this transition. It's a lot to ask of a 1 year old and a 3 year old! I am really proud of my kids.

And then Friday, it had to go ahead and snow (again-- for the love, could it please not snow for 2 days?!), and it took us 2 hours to get home, so we weren't home until 7:00, and they were both in bed at 8:00. That kinda sucked.

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