Saturday, April 9, 2011

6 more days

Ahh, the life of an intern. Just 6 more days. I initially thought that I would be done on the 15th, even though the tax deadline is pushed back to the 18th this year (a Monday), but they said we can't miss the last day. I agree-- work all busy season and then don't even get to work on the final day! Plus it's one more day of pay. I'll take it!

In case you are wondering, I did 122 tax returns this my 123 individual returns.

I bet there aren't a whole lot of people who do 123 tax returns, or maybe there are. I don't know. I also don't know how many businesses I did....maybe 40 or 50 business returns? I didn't keep track of them the same.

I do know that I have probably learned more in the last 3 months than my entire life. I feel like a toddler who is learning so much so fast that it's easy to get frustrated.

We've finally. FINALLY totally adjusted. The kids ask to go to daycare, they get to play outside a lot there now too because the snow has melted (finally), so I think they just have a grand time running and swinging outside. No more screaming matches in the morning about getting up and getting dressed. They pop out of bed all smiles and ready to roll. I LOVE it. Of course this also means that they get up at 6:30-7:00 on the weekends, but I guess I get up around 5:30-6:00 on the weekends so its not a big deal. Funny how we adjust like that.

We were out and at Starbucks around 8:00 this morning (I had the most amazing cup of coffee) and had groceries by 10:00. Its amazing how much more awesome it is to get things done early. Read: less crowded.

Tomorrow the high is 77 degrees. What the heck? It snowed pretty much last week. Gotta love MN for that. We always get some crazy high temps early on. It makes life fun for us. Mike has to work all day, but at least the kiddos and I can enjoy the day!

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